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Mig-29 Modifications

There are half a dozen major variants of the MiG-29 recognized under the NATO reporting name taxonomy.

  • Fulcrum-A - MiG-29 basic version
  • Fulcrum-B - MiG-29UB two-seat conversion trainer
  • Fulcrum-C - MiG-29S bulged and extended spine houses both fuel and avionics
  • Fulcrum-D - MiG-29K / MiG-29KUB navalized for carrier ops
  • Fulcrum-E - MiG-29M wide-ranging upgrades, did not enter production
  • Fulcrum-F - MiG-29OVT / MiG-35 thrust-vector control engine

MiG itself accounts for variants too numerous to enumerate. Aside from MiG-29 basic version B, other modifications of the MiG-29 family, such as MiG-29SE, MiG-29SD, MiG-29SM and MiG-29SMT, can be offered to customers. Moreover, the MiG-29 fighters operated by customers can be upgraded to the level of the SE, SD, SM and SMT versions. The MiG-29UB aircraft and its modifications are manufactured by "Sokol" Joint-Stock Company of Nizhny Novgorod. MiG Corp. offers its customers three basic versions - the MiG-29SD, MiG-29SM and MiG- 29SMT. They significantly differ from each other in terms of functionality and price. The MiG-29SD is an air superiority fighter adapted for NATO/ ICAO standards. Its advanced version, the MiG-29SM, is a cost-effective multi-role aircraft. Finally, the MiG-29SMT is a generation 4+ fighter equipped with new targeting system, avionics and armament.

  • MiG-29 - the original single front-line fighter. Series production began in 1982 at plants in Moscow g (MAPE) and Mr. Gorky. Soviet Air Force plane began to arrive in 1983, and in 1986 the first planes arrived in the Western Group of Forces in the GDR
  • MiG-29K - a multi-purpose all-weather fighter-bomber ship with better equipment and more powerful engines RD-ZZK. Created in 1988.
  • MiG-29KVP - intermediate version, built for practicing take-off from the springboard and landing arrester can be used as a combat aircraft, as well as a training for naval aviation pilots to land aerodromes.
  • MiG-29M - an advanced tactical fighter with wire control system and improved equipment. In this multi-purpose aircraft used pulse-Doppler radar "Zhuk", which allows to detect targets up to 100 km, and increase the number of modes. It provides an opportunity to carry out covert support to pass up to ten targets simultaneously and for the first time in practice to conduct simultaneous firing of up to four aerial targets using missiles with an active homing mode "air-surface" possible mapping of the actual beam or a synthetic aperture, providing a low-altitude flight with automatic flyby and avoiding obstacles. Chance salvo launch weapons from the TV-guided.
  • MiG-29ME - export MiG-29M
  • MiG-29C - an advanced tactical fighter.
  • MiG-29SM inherited from the MiG-29SE (planes like this modification were delivered to Malaysia) all the innovations: increased bomb load (up to 4 m), air refueling, missiles with active radar homing RVV-AE, increases the chances to win ranged 6-7 times. Already these two modifications on the basic parameters are not inferior or superior, developed - the next-generation fighter.
  • MiG-29 SMT - new export version of the MiG-29M. Unified (t. E. Will then be placed on all Russian fighters) cabin with 3 ILS, it is easier to 900 kg by imported components. Farming radar (with automatic terrain mapping). Additional tanks. Bomb load (up 4tonn) and range (up to 3500 km) increased MiG-29SE - advanced tactical fighter, equipped with a system of in-flight refueling. Export modification.
  • MiG-29SE - advanced tactical fighter, equipped with a system of in-flight refueling. Export modification.
  • MiG-29UB - Double combat trainer version, created in 1981.
  • MiG-29UBT - double modification for special drum assignments. The first flight of 08/10/98.
  • MiG-29 engines with rotary nozzles - an experimental aircraft for testing of thrust vector, which may find application in next-generation multirole fighter being developed since 1988, based on the MiG-29. Construction of a fifth generation fighter was completed back in 1991, but he still could not get off the ground due to lack of funds on fine-tuning engines.
  • MiG-33 - MiG-29M
  • MiG-35 - a deep modernization of the MiG-29M (MiG-33)

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