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Unlike the MiG-29 basic version (version B), the MiG-29SE has the increased weapon load and longer range (with three external fuel tanks). Its weapons mix includes R-27T1 medium-range missiles with IRHH, RVV-AE missiles with an active radar homing head, R-27ER1 increased-range missiles with a semi-active radar homing head and R-27ET1 missiles with IRHH. The aircraft can be fitted with active ECM systems ensuring protection from radar detection, and weapons guidance aids, improved built-in check and training systems. The MiG-29SE can simultaneously engage two air targets.

Having been operated since 1983 the MiG-29 aircraft has become the main fighter in the RF Air Force. The customers are supplied with more than 1600 MiG-29 aircraft of different modifications which are operated in more than 25 countries over the world. Four states have repeatedly bought the MiG-29 aircraft. In the most countries, which have purchased the MiG-29 aircraft, it has become the main type of a light front-line fighter of the national Air Force.

While designing the MiG-29 aircraft very high capabilities for the aircraft improvement have been laid into its structure that made it possible to create a number of modifications. Since the middle of 1990s some countries have been supplied with modified MiG-29SE fighters which have increased internal fuel and upgraded N019ME radar with a new computer. The MiG-29SE fighter armament nomenclature is completed with the middle range "A-A" R-27ER1, R-27ET1 (T1) missiles with radar and IR homing heads and RVV-AE missile with active radar homing heads and maximum weapons load is increased up to 4500 kg.

  MiG-29 vers. B MiG-29UB MiG-29SE
Length, m 17,32 17,42 17,32
Wing span, m 11,36 11,36 11,36
Height, m 4,73 4,73 4,73
Take-off weight, kg:      
- standard 14 900 14 600 15 300
- maximum 18 000 18 200 20 000
Maximum flight speed, km/h:      
- near ground 1500 1500 1500
- at high altitude 2400 2230 2400
Maximum M-number 2,25 2,1 2,25
Service ceiling, m 18 000 17 500 17 750
Maximum G-load 9 9 9
Ferry range, km:      
- without drop tanks 1500 1450 1500
- with 1 drop tanks 2100 2000 2100
- with 3 drop tanks - - 2900
Engines RD-33 ser.2(3) RD-33 ser.2(3) RD-33 ser.2(3)
Take-off thrust, kgf 2x8300 2x8300 2x8300
Number of external stations 6 6 6
"A-A" missiles:      
- middle range 2xR-27R1 -




- short range 6xR-73E 6xR-73E 6xR-73E
Air gun, 30 mm Gsh-301 Gsh-301 Gsh-301

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