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Kirov Plant - Marine Turbines

JSC Plant "Kirov-Energomash" subsidiary company of JSC "Kirov plant" is a diversified organization, the main direction of its activity allocates equipment for energy. Powerful intellectual and industrial-technical potential of the enterprise allows to create unique equipment for nuclear industry, oil and gas industry, heat and hydro power, ship energy.

Kirov turbo-gear power units as the main power equipment are installed on more than 80% of nuclear submarines of all generations, on all 9 nuclear-powered icebreakers currently existing in the world, on many surface ships of a large displacement of the Navy and commercial fleet ships. The production of the plant ensures the operation of 50% of the power units of all Russian and 13 foreign nuclear power plants, including 100% of modern VVR-440 reactors.

In the early 1960s it launched the main turbo-gear units for various types of ocean-going vessels. The GTU-20 gas turbine unit was manufactured for the first Paris-Commune gas turbine; Created all-terrain vehicle "Penguin" for the study of Antarctica, etc. Since 1962, a radical reconstruction of the plant. The workshops are equipped with modern equipment, program-controlled machines, automatic lines. A combined semi-continuous rolling mill 350 was commissioned. Since 1964, serial production of Kirovets tractors (K-700) with a capacity of 155 kW (220 hp ) was organized.

The Enterprise JSC "Zavod " Kirov-Energomash" as an independent subdivision had existed since 1995 and successfully develops the traditions of power engineering of one of the oldest industrial enterprises in Russia. It works with such largest and strategically important customers as OAO "Gazprom ", OAO "Lukoil ", enterprises of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, operating and under construction objects of JSC "concern Rosenergoatom", as well as atomic Near and far abroad stations.

Close cooperation with developers and numerous partners, modern production base, advanced technologies, effective quality management system and qualified personnel allow the plant to design and produce Competitive and demanded products for nuclear, oil and gas, energy industries, navy, as well as a wide range of general industrial facilities. Presence of unique on a structure of a machine-building allows to render services on mechanical and thermal processing of complex products, to carry out assemblage of large-sized metal structures and various kinds of repairs.

Kirov-Energomash won the right to supply a steam-turbine plant in spring 2013, offering a contract of 2.7 billion rubles. The Kaluga Turbine Plant (KTZ, part of Power Machines OJSC) also participated in the competition, which offered to execute the contract for 2.6 billion rubles. KTZ tried to challenge the results of the competition. In April 2016, the court suspended the execution of the contract, in July, the appellate court overturned this decision.

LLC Baltiysky Zavod - Shipbuilding (BZS, part of USC ) required recovery of 188 million rubles from Plant Kirov-Energomash (owned by Kirovsky Plant, KZ), follows from the base of the court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The claim was registered on 30 November 2016. The parties had unsettled claims under the contract for the development, manufacture and supply of a steam turbine installation for the atomic icebreaker of the project 22220 Arktika, the BZS representative said. The installation has not yet come, she adds. According to the state procurement website, the final delivery date was May 29, 2015.

The icebreaker was launched and its completion is on schedule, but some work has to be postponed due to the lack of a steam turbine installation. The reason for the failure of the deadlines was the failure to fulfill obligations by the suppliers. Such installations have not been built in Russia for 25 years, there is no equipment left, the engineering staff is not fully prepared.

From 2015, the Kirov-Energomash plant restored and upgraded Russia's only stand for testing super-power ship steam turbine units, which will provide testing of steam turbines for civil and Navy of Russia at full load. The principle of universality laid in the stand will allow testing all types of steam turbines for surface and submarines for civil and military purposes.

On 24 May 2017, as part of the inspection of investment projects, Governor Georgy Poltavchenko took part in the launching ceremony at the Kirov Plant Universal Test Stand for ship steam turbine installations. This is the only high-capacity stand in Russia. Today we are commissioning a unique test bench for ship turbines. This is a significant event not only for the plant, but also for the domestic industry as a whole, since it will be in demand in the shipbuilding industry of the whole country, said the governor.

Georgy Semenenko, General Director of Kirovsky Zavod, reported to Georgy Poltavchenko on the preparation and implementation of a stand modernization project. The new equipment will allow to test all produced and promising units with the ability to simulate the load of the icebreaker propeller. Total investment in the test base amounted to 1.4 billion rubles. The first at the new booth will be tested steam turbine installation for the icebreaker "Arktika" project 22220, released by the plant "Kirov-Energomash". Georgy Poltavchenko noted that 90% of the components of the test bench are Russian-made, and only St. Petersburg companies participated in the modernization of the complex.

The project implementation will significantly reduce the time of transition from a prototype to mass production, ensure verification of manufactured power equipment, including subcontractors, at a modern technological level and eliminate the likelihood of emergency stops due to the failure of the technical training center during sea trials.

The test bench of ship steam-turbine installations is capable of exposing products (energy facilities with a capacity of up to 75 MW) to loads that are comparable or exceed loads in actual operating conditions. The advantage of testing on the bench before testing in real conditions is the ability to assess the response of the sample to a certain type and magnitude of the load, with other fixed parameters, which makes it possible to identify hidden design flaws.

The launch of the first and only stand in Russia, which allows to test super-power ship turbines at full load, will stop the country's dependence on foreign companies and increase the stability of contract execution. The implementation of this infrastructure project will be a significant contribution to the support of the Russian power engineering industry and will help strengthen the technological independence of the state.

On 20 September 2017, ZAO Kirov-Energomash Plant (a subsidiary of OAO Kirovsky Zavod) shipped to the customer the main turbogenerator (GTG) of the starboard of the 22220 headboard atomic icebreaker Arktika. The two-cylinder steam turbine and the generator on the frames were delivered to the Baltic Plant 300 ton floating crane. The first of the two GTGs of the steam turbine unit (PTU) of the world's largest atomic-powered vessel was designed and manufactured at the Kirovsky plant under a contract with OOO Baltiysky Zavod - Shipbuilding. The leading model of the turbine unit of the latest design has successfully passed the full cycle of preliminary (factory) and acceptance tests at the Kirov-Energomash stand, put into operation after a thorough modernization in May of this year.

The shipment of the first turbogenerator is a significant event for our company, said Oleg Bukharin, director of CJSC Kirov-Energomash Plant. - For the first time in the last thirty years, a new machine has been created from scratch, which gives the right to speak about the revival of turbine construction at the Kirov factory in full. During the design and manufacture of the turbine unit, we and our counterparties have gained tremendous experience that will help us implement subsequent projects faster and more efficiently. Our immediate task is to test and ship in October-November to the Baltic GTG Plant of the left side for the Arctic, which has already been moved from the workshop to the stand. In the future, specialists of Kirov-Energomash will install a steam turbine installation on an icebreaker, will take part in mooring and running trials of the vessel.

Vice Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin congratulated the Kirovs: The first turbine for the new generation of nuclear-powered icebreakers passed all the tests at the Kirov-Energomash stand and went to the Baltic Shipyard - Shipbuilding. Congratulations to the factory workers!

JSC "Plant" Kirov-Energomash "will hold a complex of works of the main power plant (GEU) TAVKR "Admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov " July 13, 2018 JSC "Plant Kirov-Enegomash" signed a contract with JSC "CA asterisk" for carrying out examination and repair of equipment of the main power plant (GAW) heavy aviation cruiser (TAVKR) "Admiral of the Fleet Soviet Union Kuznetsov.

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