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Tank Factory Utilization 1939 – 1993

Plant 75 - Malyshev Khar'kov Tank Plant [Ukraine]

The T-648 was assembled at the tank plant in Khar'kov. T-64A production ceased after T-64B production hit full stride, but this was not confirmed in the West. T-64As were still being delivered to army units, but it is unclear if these vehicles were new or transfers from units that are receiving newer equipment. In recent years, Khar'kov's annual serial production probably amounted to somewhere between 500 and 800 vehicles a year.

Plant 174 - Omsk Tank Plant

The T -80 was in serial production at Omsk. It was difficult for several reasons to predict future annual tank production levels at Omsk. Despite its capacity, Omsk never produced as many tanks as Nizhniy Tagil. The last serial production program at Omsk was the T-55, and the annual T-55 production at Omsk never exceeded 1,200 a year. Moreover, Western analysts could discount the possibility that Omsk would serially produce other weapons in addition to tanks.

Plant 183 - Uralvagonzavod Nizhniy Tagil Tank and Railroad Car Manufacturing Plant

The tank plant at Nizhniy Tagil produced tanks of the T-72 series. The respsnsibility for the production of at least one of these variants may have been shifted to Chelyabinsuk. This shift may mean that Nizhniy Tagil will concentrate on the serial production of a new tank. If the history of the T -54/55 series can serve as a guide, the T-72 family, which entered series production in 1974; will remain in production for several more years. This suggests that the new tank may be an advanced variant of the T-72 series. In recent years, Nizhniy Tagil's annual serial production probably amounted to somewhere between 1,700 and 2,300 vehicles a year. In addition to its assembly activities, Nizhniy Tagil manufactured components for use in the modernization of T-54s, T-55s, and T-62s.

Plant 185 - Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant

The plant at Chelyabinsk began assembling T-72s-probably the T-72B, but possibly the basic model with a coincidence rangefinder as well. These tanks probably were intended for the export market. Chelvabinsk could be taking over production of these models from Nizhniv Tagil.

Year No. 75

post 1991
No. 183
“Komintern” Kharkov Locomotive Works
Nizhniy Tagil
No. 174
K.Ye, Voroshilov
Leningrad Kirov Factory
Leningrad plant
Chelyabinsk Kirov Factory
1939 V-2 engines T-34 Model 1940 T-26 KV-1 Model 1940
1940 V-2 engines T-34 Model 1940 T-50 KV-1 Model 1940
1941 V-2 engines T-34 Model 1941 T-50 KV-1 Model 1941
1942 T-34 Model 1942 KV-1 Model 1942
1943 T-34 Model 1943 KV-1 Model 1943,
T-34 Model 1943
1944 T-34 Model 1943,
T-34-85 Model 1945
1945 T-34-85 Model 1945 ISU-152 IS-2m, IS-3
1946 T-34-85 Model 1945, T-44 ISU-152 IS-3
1947 T-44, T-54 Model 1947 IS-3 IS-3, IS-4
1948 T-54 Model 1947 IS-3 IS-3
1949 T-54 Model 1949
1950 T-54 Model 1949
1951 T-54 Model 1951
1952 T-54 Model 1951
1953 T-54 Model 1951 T-10 T-10
1954 T-54 Model 1951 T-10 T-10
1955 Object 430 T-54A T-10 T-10
1956 Object 430 T-54A T-10A T-10A
1957 Object 430 T-54B T-10B T-10B
1958 Object 430 T-54B,T-55 T-10M T-10M
1959 Object 430 T-54B, T-55 T-10M T-10M
1960 Object 432 T-55 T-10M T-10M
1961 Object 432 T-55 T-10M T-10M
1962 Object 432 T-55, T-62 T-10M T-10M
1963 T-64 T-55A, T-62 T-10M
1964 T-64 T-55A, T-62 T-10M
1965 T-64 T-55A, T-62 T-10M
1966 T-64 T-55A, T-62 T-10M
1967 T-64 T-55A, T-62
1968 T-64 T-55A, T-62
1969 T-64A T-55A, T-62, Object 172
1970 T-64A T-55A, T-62, Object 172
1971 T-64A T-55A, T-62, Object 172
1972 T-64A T-55A, T-72
1973 T-64A T-55A, T-72 Object 219 Object 219
1974 T-64A T-55A, T-72 Object 219 Object 219
1975 T-64A T-55A, T-72 Object 219 Object 219
1976 T-64B T-55A, T-72 T-80 T-80
1977 T-64B T-55A, T-72 T-80 T-80
1978 T-64B T-55A, T-72 T-80B T-80B
1979 T-64B T-55A, T-72A T-80B T-80B
1980 T-64B T-72A T-80B T-80B
1981 T-64B T-72A T-80B T-80B
1982 T-64B T-72A T-80B T-80B
1983 T-64BV T-72A T-80BV T-80BV
1984 T-64BV T-72A T-80BV T-80BV
1985 T-64BV T-72A T-80U T-80U
1986 T-72B T-80U T-80U
1987 T-80UD T-72B T-80U T-80U
1988 T-80UD T-72BM T-80U T-80U
1989 T-80UD T-72BM T-80U T-80U
1990 T-72BM T-80U T-80U
1991 T-90 T-80U T-80U
1992 T-90 T-80U T-80U
1993 T-84 T-90 T-80UM T-80UM
The tanks listed are the main production items at those factories in those years. In the years which are blank, the factories did upgrades and depot level rebuilding of earlier production items.
Factory No. 75 produced engines until it moved out of Kharkov; on its return, was reformed and given a tank production mission; renamed the “Malyshev” plant on his death in 1957
Factory No. 183 - Uralvagonzavod - was moved to Nizhniy Tagil in 1941 and kept the same designator when it stayed after the war
Factory No. 174 was in Chkalov and used as the core of the reformed Leningrad tank industry in 1945; lost its production tasks in the late 1980s and all current production is performed in Omsk
Factory No. 185 - Originally in Leningrad, moved to Chelyabinsk in 1941 and moved to Omsk after 1962
Factory No. 100 - Bol’shevik - Prototype Design for Special Machinery

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