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Country of Origin Russia
RoleHeavy-transport, cargo (tanks, guns, and other equipment)
Similar AircraftC-141B Starlifter, C-5 Galaxy, C-17A Globemaster III
Wing Span 165 ft, 8 in ( 50.50-50.6 m)
Aspect ratio 8.5
Wing area 300.00m2
Length 152 ft, 10 in (46.6 m) / 53.194 meters IL-76MF
Height48.43 ft (14.76 m)
maximum diameter of fuselage4.80m
Main Track 8.16m
Front and rear 14.17m
Tail loading entrance Width height 3.40m 3.40m
Fuselage door Width height 0.86m 1.90m
Cargo Cabin Dimensions Length (m) 31,1
Cargo length (excluding goods containing bridge, Il-76MF) 24.54m
Cargo length (excluding cargo bridge, except Il-76MF) 20.00m
Long cargo (including cargo bridge, only IL-76MF) 31.14m
Cargo length (excluding cargo bridge, only IL-76MF) 26.60m
Maximum width (m) 3,40-3.45
Maximum height (m) 3.40-3.46
Cargo volume 235.3m3
empty weight MD 89,000kg
MF 101,000kg
Maximum Take-Off Weight LL, T 170,000kg MD, TD (on a conventional runway takeoff and landing) 190,000kg
TD (never laid off and landing on the runway) 152,000kg
MD (never laid off and landing on the runway) 157,500kg
MF 200,000kg
Payload Weight T 40,000kg
TD 50,000kg
MD 47,000kg
Maximum fuel weight T 84840kg
Maximum landing weight LL 140,000kg
TD 151,500kg
MD 155,000kg
Maximum wing loading T 566.7kg/m2
TD 633.3kg/m2
The maximum allowable load floor T 1450 ~ 3100kg/m2
Engine4 x D-30kp turbofans @ 12,000kgf each
4 x PS-90A-76 by-pass turbojet @ 14,000kgf each
Maximum speed 530 mph (850 km/h) at 36,090 ft (11,000 m)
LL 600km / h
T, TD 850km / h
Cruising speed 760km/h to 780km/h @ 9km to 12km
T, TD 750 ~ 800km / h
MD, MF 750 ~ 780km / h
Range6,100km With 20t Payload
3,000km With 47t Payload
Maximum payload range TD 3650km
MD 3800km
Maximum fuel range T 6700km
MD 7800km
Service Ceiling (15,500 m)
Cruising altitude 9,000 ~ 12,000m
Service ceiling 12,000m
Absolute ceiling 15,500m / 50,855 ft
Fuel Efficiency 231.5g/tkm
Take-Off Run on Concrete Runway 1,600m
T 850m
MD, TD 1700m
MF 1000m
landing Roll on Concrete Runway 780m to 1,000m
T 450m
MD, TD 900 ~ 1000m
ArmamentRear gun turret on military model
Crew Seven
User Countries CIS, Cuba, Iraq, India, Libya, Syria

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