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Il-76MF / Il-76MT

Design work on the extended versions - Il-76MF for the Russian Air Force and Il-76MT for civil operators - began in the late 1980s. The length of the IL-76MF aircraft fuselage was enlarged by 6.6 meters. Those versions were meant to be powered by a new 14,000-kgf engine from the Rybinsk-based RMKB design bureau. However, its development was cancelled due to financial difficulties. IL-76, IL-series improved Il-76MT was improved on the basis of the Il-76MII, by Ilyushin aviation consortium responsible for design modification, with Chkalov aviation manufacturing joint ventures in manufacturing. This machine produced by Perm engine company-PS-90A-76 engines, fuselage lengthened, can carry more people and large cargo (such as tanks, armored personnel carriers and standard containers, etc), to meet the broader military and civil air transport needs. On August 2, 1995, the first novel Il-76MT from Tashkent Chkalov aircraft factory manufactured, and successfully carried out its first flight. Flight testing began in January 1996, to the end of the second quarter of 1996, after obtaining airworthiness license and started trial production.

Russia and Ukraine both had confidence in the new Il-76MT transport plane production, was submitted to the joint venture in Tashkent have intention to buy this kind of transport planes. Russia and Ukraine are large improvements to the IL-76 transport planes and to develop their new, prototype IL-76 is one of the main reasons why load is not small, but holds limited sizes and cannot meet the needs of carrying large cargo. Such as the IL-76 could have been loads weighing up to 40 tons of heavy equipment such as tanks, armored personnel carriers, but due to cargo limitations, if the transport material and equipment, and payload would not have reached this number. For, by improved design of new Il-76MT, full paylo9ad f 53.39 m (plus long 6.6 m), holds volume from 321 cubic meters increased to 400 cubic meters, can carries personnel 217 people (single layer way, increased 72 people), and 305 people (double way, increased 100 people), can shipping BMII-3 type armoured vehicles 3 car (increased 1 car) and the other equipment and goods, maximum load volume 52 tons (increased 13 tons).

Another improvement is the four larger PS-90A engine, a single thrust 156,900 n (increase of 39,300 cow). Il-76MT airframe lengthened, load is increased, increased takeoff weight, requires engine thrust increased it is natural. In addition there is a reason that the original IL-76 aircraft with D-30KII engines, noise and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere as has exceeded the standards set out in the International Civil Aviation Organization, that some States prohibit such transport planes taking off and landing at the airport, thereby seriously affecting the use and development of aircraft. IL-76 in this case have to be improved. In contrast, the PS-90A-76 engine thrust of big, and less noise and reduced emissions of harmful substances naturally adopted by the new aircraft. In addition, the engines are produced by perm engine manufacturing enterprises, the advantage that's good economy. D-30KII-engine fuel consumption 8 tons per hour, PS-90A only 9 tons of engine, fuel efficiency can be increased by 12.15%. After conversion, its voyage under the same conditions to increase capacity. Therefore its economic benefits are considerable. Compared with similar foreign engines, this engine also has an advantage in price, such as the United States PW2037 engine is priced at $ 10.8 million, while PS-90A engine only $ 3.16 million.

In addition to the cargo hold of the device and the tail structure was improved. Il-76MT transport plane fully rely on machines equipped with winches and small electric crane for loading and unloading. Carrying 4 yyK-20 standard containers, or 4 yAK-10 aerial containers, container or 9 IIO-5/6 9 yAK-5 Aero-Aero trailers can even put 2 large bus. Because of its handling and transportation equipment are available, and could emerge from its dependence on ground equipment, improving the flexibility of aircraft perform tasks independently and field capacity. Modified class structure, facilitates the capacity of materials, equipment and stocking.

Cargo compartment and the cockpit is sealed, can ensure normal cabin pressure environment, both crew members, is to take a plane airborne troops will feel very comfortable. Speaking from the flight performance, due to the increased takeoff weight of Il-76MT, its performance than type, takeoff and landing roll distance 1600 meters and 1000 meters, respectively, approximately 1 time times increase over the IL-76. Il-76MT wing using the three slotted flaps, the purpose of which is to improve the taking off and landing and low speed performance. It is said that Il-76MT transport plane equipped with Coupaud-3 navigation equipment and satellite navigation systems, can fly to any place in the world to carry out the task, it is very important for large military transport aircraft. The machine and the cockpit Interior was improved, also equipped with more advanced equipment, such as analog engine instruments into two digital displays.

The Il-76MF, being the military version of the stretched and re-engined Il-76TF, continued development in 2001. Radiy Popkovsky, the aircraft designer, said joint testing would be carried out with the Ministry of Defence over the next twelve months, with a program completion date of December 2001/the first quarter of next year. Ilyushin did currently operate an Il-76MT with it's own airline Ilavia. Produced in Tashkent, the aircraft had absorbed $22m of Ilyushin's development funds, with 10 aircraft in production. Their intention was to promote the aircraft as capable of meeting the Russian Air Force's demand for 100 replacement cargo aircraft for its ageing fleet of Il-76s by 2015. Although no decision had been made about putting the aircraft into serial production, it looked increasingly likely that the proven family tree of the Il-76MF- with a unit price of $25 to $35m - may be the favored choice of the Russian Air Force.

Sources within Ilyushin, eager not to make the adoption of the Il-76MF a competition with the An-70, claimed that the two aircraft are in different classes, and therefore, do not compete. This, however, may be mere semantics when the MoD decided to spend their rubles and is confronted by the large cost advantage of the Il-76 upgrades. The Russian involvement in the Russo/Ukraine An-70 program is reported to be less than happy. The Ukrainians reported that the Russian partner in the aircraft's production, Aviakor, was slowing its progress because the company's owners, the industrial holding company, SiBal, were reluctant to commit resources to its development.

There had been reports that Aviastar, with a number of associated companies (including cargo carrier, Volga Dnepr), had been lobbying the government to allow them take over the Russian portion of the program. Whether Aviastar's eyes were on the military market is another matter, since the main opportunity for the An-70 was increasingly seen as the civil market (with the An-70T); this should be attractive to foreign operators, both as an aircraft to buy and to lease. The Il-76TF was seen, by some, as having just as attractive a potential in the civil market, with its improved payload, economy, noise and range, which would prove a particular draw for existing Il-76 operators.

On 28 May 2003 Colonel O.V. Barmin, Chairman of RF Ministry of Defense Governmental Commission for the PS-90A-76 engine testing, presented AVIADVIGATEL leaders with a preliminary conclusion on the PS-90A-76 engine conformity to the requirements of the Ministry of Defense. The document was signed by Colonel-General V.S. Mikhailov, Air Forces Commander-in-Chief, and accords the right for engine mass-production. At that time re-engining of two aircraft at Tashkent factory and one aircraft at Voronezh factory was underway. The PS-90A-76 would power new IL-76MF and IL-76TF aircraft; besides, it will be used to re-engine mass-produced IL-76MD and IL-76TD.

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