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Klub-K Container launched
3M-54 Klub / Caliber - SS-N-27 Sizzler

Main advantages
  • LEGO principle implementation possibility of placing modular components in containers of different loading capacity enabling a number of various configurations dependent of the Customer’s conditions and tasks;
  • storage and transportation reticence components are housed in standard marine containers;
  • portability and mobility – possibility to deliver the system by any kind of transport capable of shipping marine containers using civil logistics;
  • multi-platformity– possibility of the system’s implementation from sea, railway and automobile platforms as well as ground starting positions;
  • autonomy – the system includes intelligence-surveillance means, is capable of launching missiles using target acquisition data from external sources, and all components have self-contained power supply units.
  • anti-ship missiles3M-54KE, 3M-54KE1, Kh-35UE
    land-attack missiles3M-14KE, Kh-35UE
    Number of missiles in a salvo, pcs.
    3M54KE, 3M54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
    Max number of targets simultaneously engaged
    by one complete salvo, pcs.
    3M54KE, 3M54KE1, Kh-35UE
    up to 10
    3M-14Eup to 16
    Number of missiles in one launch module, pcs.
    3M54KE, 3M54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
    Launching angle, deg
    3M54KE, 3M-14E80-90
    3M54KE1, Kh-35UE30
    Time to lift tubes to the launch position, s
    3M54KE, 3M54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
    Pre-launch preparation time, min
    3M54KE, 3M54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
    up to 5
    Missile launch interval, s
    3M54KE, 3M54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
    Firing position altitude above sea level, m
    3M54KE, 3M54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
    Launch position remoteness from coastline, km
    3M54KE, 3M54KE1
    up to 200
    Kh-35UEup to 10
    3M-14Eup to 275
    Deployment time, min
    3M54KE, 3M54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
    Displacement time, min
    3M54KE, 3M54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E

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