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Klub-K Container launched
3M-54 Klub / Caliber - SS-N-27 Sizzler

The Klub-K missile is unique in that it starts from what looks like a commodity container from containers that are carried by cargo ships, and nothing indicates that it contains a rocket launcher. The ship carrying the Club-K containers becomes a terrible missile launcher. The designers called this system an easy-to-reach strategic weapon to defend a country that does not have an army in the face of the great powers. This weapon was exposed in 2017 at an exhibition in South Korea , during which Washington presented Russia with a strong protest against this weapon, as the Pentagon is afraid to change a complex. Club - k "Russian missile is a balance of military forces in the world because it can launch ballistic missiles unexpectedly from any ship, freight vehicle or railway platform, knowing that this complex can camouflage and become like an ordinary container and has a great amount of flexibility in movement. The complex is a 12-meter [40 foot] long shipping container used in maritime transport, and thanks to camouflage of this type, it cannot be detected unless a missile is launched from it.

The launching section has a platform for launching four missiles, and the combat control section provides daily maintenance for missiles, receiving orders to launch the missile, calculating data on launching and preparing the missiles in the pre-launch phase, and determining the flight task. The electrical control and feeding sections may be designed in the form of normal marine container.

Advantages include the possibility of using the complex on any land or sea platforms, the ease of delivering the complex to the launch sites, the possibility of destroying both sea and land targets, the possibility of developing the complex and increasing the number of missiles used.

The Russian "Club-K" missile complex is used to destroy land and sea targets by winged missiles, as it uses five types of missiles and is fired from either submarines, surface ships, ground mobile vehicles, or containers with a capacity of 40 feet. A container is placed on deck or below it, plugged into the power supply and integrated into a single control. The weapons can also operate autonomously without connection to warship power supplies. Several series of warships designed for container weapons are being built. In particular, they are project 22160 and 20386 corvettes and ice-class project 23550 patrol ships.

Universal launching module, performed as the standard maritime container-type, is the basic unit of Club-K system. Club-K system basic configuration includes from one to four universal launching modules. Club-K universal launching module ammunition load includes 4 missiles. Club-K universal launching module is fully autonomous. The standard configuration of universal launching module includes:

  • fire control system;
  • vertical (for 3M-54KE, 3M-54KE1, 3M-14KE missiles) or inclined (for Kh-35UE missiles) launcher;
  • combat management, communication and navigation system;
  • power-supply, life support and fire extinguishing systems.

The family of "Club" is now one of a few cruise missiles of various purpose , range and power . o The most powerful of them - cruise anti-3M-54KE , created based on the rocket "Granat" designed just for strikes on aircraft carriers. Its flight path at a speed of 0.8 M 0.8 speed of sound. When approaching the end, it is separated from the main engine and accelerates to Mach 3 -more than 1 km/s -at an altitude of 5-10 m high, penetrating warhead contains 200 kg of explosive. Range of the missile is -300 km.

The winged antiship missiles ZM-ZM-54KE and 54KE1 have similar basic configuration. They are made by normal winged aerodynamic design with drop-down tapered wing. The main difference is in the number of rockets steps. o Launch ZM-54KE has three steps : solid-launch stage, marching stage with liquid rocket motor and solid-fuel third stage. The rocket is ZM54KE can be produced from a universal vertical or inclined launchers ZS-14NE surface ship torpedo or regular 533 mm submarine.

Launch is provided by the first stage solid propellant. After the climb rate and the first stage separates extends ventral air intake, started marching turbojet engine of the second stage and revealed wing. The height of the rocket is reduced to 20 m above sea level, and the rocket flies to the goal of targeting data in the memory of its onboard control system to start. During midcourse the missile has a subsonic flight speed of 180-240 m/s and, consequently, a greater range. Targeting provides onboard inertial navigation system. At a distance of 30-40 km from the target rocket is "hill" with the inclusion of an active radar homing seeker-54E.

The ARGS-54E produces detection and selection of surface targets selects the most important at distances up to 65 km. Guidance in missiles manufactured by the azimuth angle sector -45 , and in a vertical plane in the sector from -20 to +10 . Weight ARGS-54E without housing and fairing not more than 40 kg, and 700 mm.

After the detection and capture target homing missiles at ZM54KE separates subsonic second stage and starts the third stage solid propellant, developing a supersonic velocity of 1000 m/s. On the final leg of the flight length of 20 km rocket is reduced to a height of 10 m above the water. o When supersonic missile flight over the crests of waves on final probability of intercept missiles low. However, to fully eliminate the possibility of intercepting missiles ZM-54KE air defense targets rocket-board control system can choose the best exit route to the target ship. Also, when attacking large surface targets can be salvo launch of several missiles that will go toward the goal from different directions.

The main difference between a cruise missile ZM-54KE1 rocket ZM-54KE -lack of solid-fuel third stage . Thus, the rocket ZM-54KE1 has only subsonic flight regime. Launch ZM-54KE1 shorter by almost 2 meters than ZM-54KE. This is done in order to be able to mix it in a small displacement ships and submarines that have cropped torpedo tubes, manufactured in NATO countries. o But rocket ZM-54KE1 has almost twice the 400 kg warhead . Rocket flight ZM-54KE1 is the same as that of the ZM-54KE, but without overclocking the terminal phase.

The Club-K system can be supplied with active and passive or passive target acquisition and designation systems (including the container type variant) that enables to detect, identify, bear and determine target coordinates at the distance exceeding the missile range. Technical means of Club-K system can also receive target designation data from any coastal, shipborne, aviation, satellite system and complex available to the customer.

The fact is that in any developed country decently all ports and railway stations just crammed 40-foot containers. These containers are also widely used as a temporary warehouse and for placing workers, as well as techniques -for example, they are mounted, modular fuel oil and gas boilers, diesel power with fluids, and so forth. Thus, the entire country crowded with dozens and even hundreds of thousands of such containers. Which are contained within the rocket? How to tell? Civilian vehicles perfectly suited for handling such cargoes. A huge number of railway platforms, river and sea vessels and even cargo trailers can carry such containers.

"This system provides an opportunity for dissemination of cruise missiles on such a scale, which we have not seen , -evaluates the potential of the" Club-K "Pentagon consultant on defense Ruben Johnson. "Through careful camouflage and high mobility, you will not be able to easily determine what the object is used as a launcher. Please have your shores appears harmless cargo ship, and the next minute your military facilities have been destroyed by explosions".

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