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BMO-2 Thermobaric Transport

The BMO-2 is a transport vehicle for thermobaric / incendiary rockets which are carried in an armored "box" under thick armor protection. In the industry brochure about the proposed BMO-2, the Armata derived vehicle is armed with a large remotely operated turret with a 30 mm gun and two boxes of rockets, for 24 rounds which can be fired from under armor.

The current BMO-T carries 30 high power incendiary and thermobaric rockets. A team of up to 7 soldiers is armed with RPO thermobaric / incendiary rockets (classed as "flamethrowers" by the Russian army). These special teams bring huge firepower to the battlefield. These specialised support teams can force the enemy out of buildings and strongholds very quickly. NBC Troops have shoulder fired rocket propelled thermobaric ["flamethrower"] operators But the crew must dismount to employ them, and the hatches on the back of the converted T-72 aren't the most practical.

Despite being an Armata vehicle it has a crew of 2 rather than 3. It makes sense as its role is to transport and support infantry, rather than fight in formation with other tanks and prioritise targets; which is a more complicated role. So the commander/gunner role may be combined on the BMO-2 and other Armata IFVs/APCs.

It's high top speed is very fast for a heavy vehicle. The MBT version of the Armata will be a good few tons heavier no doubt; and could reach a weight of perhaps 55 tonnes. Which would still give it a power-to-weight ratio of 30.6 horsepower per tonne, more than any T-90 or T-80 version, with a top-speed greater than the T-84 (the fastest current Eastern bloc designed tank). Not quite on the level of the T-95, but the Armata MBT will still be among the fastest in the world alongside the Leopard 2 and Leclerc. The BMO-2 (and thus undoubtedly other IFVs) will be fitted with an active protection system.

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