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Be-132MK (2001)

Since 2000, Beriev has been carrying out design work on the Be-132MK aircraft to transport 26 passengers in an airtight cabin on regional routes in any geographic conditions, day and night, in simple and complex meteorological conditions. The concept of the aircraft is based on high performance, reliability and a long resource. In addition TANTK imeni Beriev, the project involved the Irkutsk APO, St. Petersburg Motor-Building Plant, Motor Sich JSC in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

An analysis of the domestic aviation market, taking into account the prospects for changes in air traffic and the tendency to write off the fleet of old aircraft of local lines, primarily the An-28 and L-410, shows that a large demand is expected for multi-purpose transport aircraft for small and medium-sized regional airlines. New aircraft should be unpretentious in operation and be able to fly from unprepared ground airfields.

In addition, the Russian state unitary enterprise “Plant them. V.Ya. Klimov ”and the Ukrainian Motor Sich JSC to equip Russian and Ukrainian aircraft of local airlines created a new VKD-1500 theater unit, which makes it possible to abandon the purchase of similar engines abroad.

Therefore, it was decided to replace the Be-32K Canadian engines PK6A-65V with domestic VK-1500. But, in order to increase the competitiveness of the aircraft on the market, they did not limit themselves to replacing the engine, deciding to carry out a deep modernization of the machine. Since the VK-1500 engine has the most economical modes at high altitudes, the new aircraft should have an airtight cabin.

The Be-132MK (2001) is designed to carry 26 passengers in an airtight cabin on regional routes, day and night, in simple and adverse weather conditions. The concept of aircraft creation is based on the achievement of high efficiency of passenger transportation, high reliability and a large resource. Since the new machine is the development of the Be-32K, while maintaining the continuity of the design as much as possible, this will significantly reduce the construction and certification time, while reducing the degree of technical risk of the project as a whole.

The aerodynamic scheme of the Be-132MK is the development of the Be-32K scheme - a high-wing aircraft with a medium-extension wing, a three-posture retractable landing gear with a nose wheel and two VK-1500P turboprop engines of Russian-Ukrainian joint production (State Unitary Enterprise “ZV im. V.Ya. Klimov” - OJSC “Motor-Sich”) with a take-off capacity of 1500 hp, and AV2 36 with a diameter of 2.65 m.. A distinctive feature of the new aircraft is an elongated fuselage with an airtight cabin.

The crew cabin is equipped in accordance with the requirements of the placement of two pilots. The standard layout of the passenger compartment is designed for installation of 26 seats according to the 1 + 2 scheme in 760 mm increments. The cabin is equipped with shelves for hand luggage, a pantry stand and a toilet module. In the rear fuselage there is a luggage compartment with a volume of 4.8 m3, which is accessed through the outer cargo hatch (1.25x1.25 m) in the right-hand side of the rear fuselage and through the door from the cabin. Embarking and disembarking passengers are carried out through the side door - a ladder.

The Be-132MK is designed taking into account the airworthiness standards of the AP-25 and FAR-25 transport aircraft.

Along with the basic passenger variant, the creation of specialized modifications is envisaged:

  • administrative aircraft with 10 seats;
  • ambulance aircraft for transportation of six bedridden and 12 sedentary patients;
  • patrol aircraft (as a further development of the Be-32PV);
  • transport aircraft;
  • aircraft training and navigation training.

The leaders of the aviation industry repeatedly stated the need to produce efficient domestic aiarcraft with up to 20 seats for regional and local passenger traffic. In September 2006, the Federal Air Transport Agency issued a proposal to increase the compensation of part of the interest lease payments for small-sized domestically produced aircraft to 75%. Now these proposals are being considered in the Government of the Russian Federation. The only certified Russian-made aircraft in this class is the Be-32 aircraft, a modification of the GM OKB imeni Beriev Be-30.

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