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AT-9K115 Metis-M / AT-13 Saxhorn-2

The AT-9K115 Metis-M (NATO reporting name is AT-13 Saxhorn-2) is a Russian anti-tank missile system. Thanks to its light weight (only 13,8 kg), the AT-13 can be easily transported by infantry units or vehicles. This system is extremely easy to operate it can fire up to 4 rounds per minute. The Russians characterize the AT-13 ATGM complex as light or manportable, permitting long-distance carry by dismounted infantry. Although the AT-13 complex slightly exceeds 20 kg, it is close enough to fit into the category.

Designed to defeat modern and prospective battle tanks, equipped with mounted and built-in dynamic protection, as well as fortifications, firing points and other small targets.

The upgraded Metis-M1 complex , while maintaining the basic qualities of the Metis-M complex , provides an increase in combat and operational characteristics. Upgraded rocket 9M131M is made in the size and weight of a standard rocket 9M131. It provides a firing range of up to 2000 m. It is equipped with a new warhead, providing armor penetration for 950 mm dynamic protection. Upgraded starting device 9P151M is made in the dimensions of the standard starting device 9P151. It has less weight due to the use of new (microprocessor) components, and has increased noise immunity. The thermal sight is borrowed from the Metis-M ATGM system.

The modernization was carried out in such a way that the possibility of firing modernized missiles from a standard launcher to a range of up to 1600 meters, as well as regular missiles from a modernized launcher to a range of up to 1500 meters was provided. For the operation of the Metis-M1 complex , maintenance and training facilities borrowed from the Metis-M anti -tank missile system are used. Training equipment includes field and classroom computer simulators. Maintenance tools allow checking the health of the starter and thermal sight.

The experience of military operation showed that wearable anti-tank systems of the Metis family are powerful and effective multipurpose defensive assault weapons.

The anti-tank missile complex Metis-M1 will improve its technical performance by one and a half times. As of 2018, work was underway to upgrade the complex, as a result of which it is planned to increase its range from 2 to 3 kilometers. For work that will last at least two years, allocated 90.18 million rubles. They are conducted under the code "Metis-M2" in the framework of development work on "the development of anti-tank guided missiles 9M131M1-1 and guided missiles 9M131FM1 increased range (3 km)." This was reported by "Interfax" with reference to the data posted on the portal of public procurement.

Metris-M1 ATGM was adopted in 2016. At the same time, its mass production has been conducted since 2004 for both domestic and foreign customers. It is designed to destroy modern tanks, equipped with dynamic protection, lightly armored targets, pillboxes and bunkers in adverse weather conditions. The complex is equipped with landing troops, infantry and motorized rifle formations.

The meaning of the nomnecalture "Metis" is not entirely clear. The literal translation of the Russian word "metis" is mestizo, crossbred, ladino, half-blood, or bastard.

Firing range, m 802000
Armor penetration, mm 900950
Control system semi-automatic with the transfer of commands over a wired communication line
Overall dimensions, mm:
rocket caliber 130
length of the container with the rocket 980
Weight, kg:
starting device 9.5
container with a rocket 13.8
thermal sight 6.5

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