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AT-7 Metis Saxhorn
AT-13 Metis-M

Name AT-7/Saxhorn AT-13
Alternative Designations Metis Metis-M (often mislabeled Metis-2)
Date of Introduction 1978 1992
Proliferation At least 5 countries
Missile Weight (kg) 6.3 (in tube)13.8 (in tube)
Warhead Type Shaped Charge (HEAT) Tandem Shaped Charge (HEAT)
Armor Penetration (mm) 460 1,000/900 behind ERA
Minimum/Maximum Range (m) 40/1,00080/1500
Probability of Hit (%) 90 90
Average Velocity (m/s) 180 287
Time of Flight to Max Range (sec) 6.2 8
Launcher Designations 9P151 Firing Post
Crew 2
Primary mount Ground mount on tripod
Alternate mounts Shoulder for launch, UAZ-469 pintel mount
Weight Overall, Excluding Missile (kg) 10.2
Length Overall in Firing Position (m) 0.78 with AT-7/Metis0.98 with AT-13/Metis-M
Height Overall In Firing Position (m) 0.72 with AT-7/Metis 
Width Overall In Firing Position (m) INA
Launcher Name 9P151 Firing Post
Launch Method Tube
Elevation () -5/+10
Rate of Launch (missiles/min) 3-5, depending on range
Reaction Time (sec) INA
Emplacement Time (min) 0.20
Displacement Time (min) 0.33
Ready/Stowed Missiles 4/0 (1 on launcher )
FIRE CONTROL Name 9S816 Guidance system
Guidance SACLOS
Command Link Wire
Beacon Type INA
Tracker Type IR
Susceptible To Countermeasures EO jammers, smoke, counterfire
Counter-countermeasures INA
Rangefinder Frequency INA
Counter-countermeasures INA
Gunner Field of View () INA
Acquisition Range (m) INA
Night Sights Available

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