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Antey Concern

41, Vereiskaya str.,
Moscow, 121471, Russia.
Phone: +7 095 448 7532
Fax: +7 095 448 9102 

Producing mobile surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems for the Army's air-defense units, the ANTEY Industrial Concern is one of the largest associations of the Russian military-industrial complex. The rival company NPO Almaz, headed by member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Bunkin, produced SAM systems for the Troops of National Air Defense, now part of the Air Force. Over time, the leading products of the two development and production complexes converged, and their institutional patrons reveresed, with Antey producing the highly mobile S-300V SA-12 GLADIATOR system for the Ground Forces, while Almaz produced the similar S-300PMU SA-10 GRUMBLE, initially deployed at static sites by PVO forces.

NPO Antei specializes in the development, manufacturing and export of high-technology products of military and non-military application. The enterprise was first called R&D Institute No. 20 (NII-20), subsequently renamed the Electrical Mechanical R&D Institute (NIEMI), Scientific Research Electro-Mechanical Institute, and then known as NPO Antei since 1983.

Veniamin Yefremov, general designer of the Almaz-Antei Air Defense Concern, was a member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences since 1984 and Hero of Socialist Labor since 1976. Yefremov, a full-time member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and recipient of the Lenin and State Prizes, graduated from the Electrical Engineering Institute of Communications in Moscow in 1951 and mostly specialized in radiolocation and control-and-guidance systems.

Over the decades, Yefremov developed several types of mobile surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems. The list of such weapons includes the world-famous Osa-AKM SAM system with an effective horizontal range between 1,500 meters and 10 km. This system, which can hit targets at an altitude of 6 km, was supplied to 25 countries. Yefremov also developed the self-contained army-level Tor-M1 SAM system with a horizontal range of 1-12 km and a vertical range from 100 meters to six km. Apart from Russia, the Tor-M1 system is used by China and Greece.

One should also mention the Krug medium-range SAM system and its modified versions with a horizontal range of four to 50 km and a vertical range from 150 meters to 25 km, the S-300V long-range SAM system (horizontal range: 7-100 km; vertical range: from 250 meters to 25 km). The latest invention was the little-known Antei-2500 theater-level anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system, which can destroy aircraft and ballistic missiles at a range of up to 200 km and 40 km, respectively

The ANTEY Industrial Concern incorporates seventeen manufacturing enterprises, design bureaus and the scientific research institutes located in different regions of Russia engaged in development and manufacture of long, medium and short range air defense systems.

The Concern ANTEY possesses the right granted by the President of the Russian Federation for independent export of its weapons and military equipment without assistance of any state intermediary organizations. The biggest amount of funds "Antei" has received from the large-scale contract for delivery of systems of the anti-missile defense to Greece. In 2002 "Antey" Concern completed the realization of a program for the delivery of 31 "Tor-M1" air defense systems to Greece for $800 million. The considerable part of the ANTEY's export products surpasses the best foreign analogs in combat effectiveness and technical performance as well as in cost-effectiveness. On request of foreign partners the ANTEY Industrial Concern carries out complicated scientific and technological research, organizes the license production, provides maintenance (including upgrade, modernization and repairs) of supplied weapon systems and equipment as well as technical specialists training

General Anatoly Sitnov held the post of Chief of procurement and armaments in the Defense Minstry since 1994. However, as of 1999, vice prime minister Ilya Klebanov was in charge of such issues in the cabinet, and Sitnov failed to establish fruitful cooperation with him. The General supported the Concern Antei, the producer of the S-300B anti-ballistic missile systems, while the vice prime minister headed the board of the Russo-Belarussian group Oboronitelye Sistemy (Anti-aircraft defense systems).

In late 2001 Victor Ivanov, deputy head of the president of the Russian Federation administration, was elected the Chairman of the research-and-production association (RPA) "Almaz" board of directors. Earlier, V.Ivanov was elected the chairman of the concern " Antey " board of directors. The concern "Antey" and RPA "Almaz" are the largest Russian developers and manufacturers of antiaircraft defense systems. It was supposed that the concern "Antey " and "Almaz" will be a part of the newly created "Concern PVO (air defense)".

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