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An-24 COKE bomber

In 1962, the passenger An-24 with two AI-24 turboprop engines entered series production. The aircraft weighing about 22,000 kg could carry 50 passengers or 6,500 kg of cargo over a distance of about 1,500 km. In addition to the passenger version for cargo transportation and use as a military transport was produced An-24T. This aircraft was distinguished by the presence of large doors that facilitated loading and unloading, cargo hatch in the tail of the fuselage, increased fuel, reinforced floor of the cargo cabin, cargo device on the ceiling, folding seats along the sides.

In addition to transport tasks, the An-24T could be used as an auxiliary bomber. In the spring of 1969 at the Crimean airport Kirovskoe passed state tests of bombing weapons. It included four beam holders BDZ-34, a bomb discharge system and an optical sight OPB-1R. According to the test results, the following conclusion was given: "An-24T bombing weapon provides the ability to bomb bombs with a caliber of not more than 500 kg, with optical visibility of the target at flight speeds of 260 - 480 km / h at altitudes from 600 to 6000 m." That is, as follows from the flight characteristics of the "bomber" An-24T, it was approximately responsible for its strike capabilities of long-range bombers of World War II.

In the year 1969, the An-24T delivered to Iraq was used to bomb Kurdish positions. Thus, these machines were the first in their family to take a direct part in the fighting. But the An-26 was used much more often for bombings. This aircraft was a further development of the An-24T and differed from it by onboard equipment and the tail of the fuselage with a large cargo hatch, which was closed by a ramp of the original design. It provides a tight closure, serves as a ladder when loading self-propelled vehicles, can be moved under the fuselage, allowing to load from the truck platform or car body.

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