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An-24 COKE - Variants

An-24 in the modifications A, B, B and R V was built serially in Kiev (1959-1979) and Ulan-Ude (1965-1970) aircraft plants. Issued in the USSR 1100 copies, the release continues in China under the designation Y-7. During the operation of the An-24, a large number of passengers and cargo were transported. General Designer A.N. Tupolev responded about the An-24 plane: "The machine showed its high quality and is a modern example of machines of this class."

An-24 became the base for the whole family of OKB OK Antonov planes.

  • An-24A (1959) - version of the An-24, designed for 44 passengers. It was built serially (200 cars).
  • An-24B (1960) - the main serial version of the An-24 for 48-52 passengers with the placement of the buffet and the flight attendant's workplace. 400 planes were built.
  • Later, an An-24 RV passenger airplane was produced on the basis of the An-24B, which had an additional small-sized turbojet RU-19-300 with 900 kg thrust in the right TVD gondola. With the help of this engine, it was possible to significantly improve the take-off characteristics of the aircraft, especially when operating from high-altitude aerodromes.
  • An-24V (1961) is an export version of the An-24B for exploitation in the socialist countries, as well as in the countries of Asia and Africa. The aircraft was arranged (number of seats and accommodation of domestic premises) and equipped with flight-navigation and radio-communication equipment at the request of the client country.
  • An-24K (1963) - an administrative (service) version of the An-24 for the transportation of 16-18 people with business purposes in conditions of increased comfort, providing the possibility of work and rest during the flight. This version of the aircraft was not built, as the serial An-24A and Ang24B aircraft were manufactured with different variants of the layout of the passenger compartment. It was built in a single copy of An-24FK (photo-cartographic). The main purpose of An-24 FC is aerial photography of the earth's surface for the production of topographic maps.
  • On the basis of An-24FK, a serial aerial photographic jet An-30 was built.
  • An-24D (1967) - modification An-24 for the transportation of 60 passengers for a distance of 2700 km. The main differences from the basic model: an elongated fuselage by 2.8 m due to cylindrical inserts, the TRM RU19A-300 turbocharger was installed in the tail part of the right nacelle 900 kg, the capacity of the fuel tanks was increased to 7100 liters, the wheels on the main bearings were replaced with wheels of increased diameter. The plane was not built.
  • An-24USH (instructor-navigator) is a variant of the An-24 airplane for training pilots, navigators and dispatchers of higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MGA).
  • An-24USH for flight performance meets the basic. The main difference of this modification is that in the passenger compartment there are 5 workplaces with instrument boards, which are equipped with operating flight control and navigation equipment, lighting, loud-speaker device SGU-15. Windows that have jobs are replaced with blisters. In 1970, seven aircraft were converted.
  • An-24LP (fire-fighting) (1971) - an aircraft intended for patrolling forests and eliminating detected fires. Equipped with equipment to detect and extinguish fires. Three aircraft were equipped.
  • An-50 - passenger experimental aircraft on the basis of An-24RV. Power plant: paired TRD AI-25 (each 1750 kg each) in two gondolas on pylons under the wing. According to calculations with a takeoff weight of 24,600 kg, the cruising speed is 490 km / h; practical ceiling - 9400 m; the take-off run length is 520 m, the run-640 m. The project was completed in 1972, but the aircraft was not built.

Projects were developed An-24AT with engines TV2-117DS, An-24AT-U and An-24AT-RD. The last of them was supposed to be equipped with two turbojets R27F-300 with traction reversers instead of the theater. There were other proposals, for one reason or another left on paper.

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