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GAZ 39371 Vodnik Multipurpose Army Vehicles

The GAZ 39371 Vodnik ["Waterman" or "Water-transport worker" in Russian, but also "Sergeant" in some other Eastern European languages]is the Russian answer to the Hum-Vee. "Russian "Hummer"" is the nickname given by people to one of the latest products of the Arzamas automobile plant - the high-mobility multipurpose vehicle GAZ-3937 "Vodnik". The purpose of the vehicle, as well as its appearance resemble those of its American "brother", but "Vodnik" surpasses the "American" in many parameters.

"Vodnik" can, for instance, easily overcome water barriers; it has a water-displacing hermetic hull, a 4x4-type chassis, independent suspensions, a centralized system of tire-pressure control and a 475-mm ground clearance - all the necessary features of such a vehicle. GAZ-3937 was supposed to be a military-issue vehicle, but time showed that it would find employment in civil life: such a automobile is perfect for use in limited-access areas. The standard undercarriage with a cab can be optionally complemented by different modules with various number of passenger seats and cargo compartments. The seating capacity of GAZ-3937 is 10 people.

The Vodnik is an odd design, with a narrow cab and large storage capacity. It is amphibious at a quarter of its offroad speed. The high-mobility multipurpose vehicle "Vodnik" can have its load capacity increased from 1.5 to 2.5 tons, which makes it reasonable to use it for transporting people and cargo in areas of limited access in different spheres of economy, such as oil industry or developing new areas of maintenance of gas conduits and power transmission facilities. This vehicle can be employed in rescue operations in regions of natural disasters, in transporting shift teams, creating favorable conditions in both cold and hot climate areas.

The GAZ-3937, GAZ-39371 Vodnik is a family of multi-purpose automobiles of dual purpose. Designed for usage of rapid deployment troops. At the automobiles can be installed various modules: air landing, with machine guns, with 120 mm. mine throwers, utility modules, medical, etc. GAZ-39371 VODNIK is a highly mobile transportation vehicle designed to create machines for special purposes on its base. It is used to transport personnel, to patrol various areas and roads, to convoy columns, etc.

The design of the machine is based upon a modularized scheme. The armored body of the car has two removable modules - the front one and the rear one. The volumes of the front module includes a power unit and a control unit divided by a hermetic partition. The rear module may be used for transportation of people and cargo, for installation of specialized equipment and mobile units. The advantage of the machine consists in the possibility to quickly change the modules even in field environment due to the quick-split connection of the rear module and the bearing flange of the body. Thus, with a number of modules the chassis can perform functions of transporting people, cargo and technological equipment to the regions which are difficult of access. The machine may be used at temperature of -45C to +50C, humidity of the ambient air of 98% while the temperature is 25C, at the wind speed of 30 m/s, in the mountain conditions with the above-sea level of 4,500 m; the machine is capable to overcome passes of the height of 4,650 m.

These vehicles are intended for carrying personnel of troop units. They are also used for the development of special army vehicles, both combat and maintenance ones, on their basis. The vehicles are able to travel at high speeds on roads and off roads to distances of up to 1,000 km without refueling, carry weapons from light small arms to 120mm mortar, and transport ten troopers (motorized rifle squad). To protect the crew, provision is made for several vehicle armoring versions.

The vehicle is designed around a modular configuration. A welded hull has two removable modules: front and rear. The front module houses engine and driving compartments separated by a sealed bulkhead. The rear module space can be used for transportation of personnel and cargoes and mounting of weaponry, special equipment and mobile installations. The vehicle's main advantage is that the vehicle's rear module can quickly be replaced with any module even in field conditions owing to a quick-disconnect coupling of the rear module with a bearing flange. This design configuration considerably increases the vehicle service life.

The mature assemblies and units of the BTR-80 APC are widely used on these vehicles. The vehicle's running gear features high reliability and ensures unique cross-country performance and smooth running. The vehicle has a water-displacing hull that enables it to negotiate water barriers by fording and floating owing to a wheel propulsion system. The vehicle can be operated at an ambient air temperature ranging from -45 to +50 C; relative air humidity of up to 98% at a temperature of +25 C; wind velocity of up to 30 m/s; mountainous terrain at an altitude of up to 4,500 m above sea level. It is also capable of negotiating a mountain pass of up to 4,650 m high.

The Vodnik family vehicles combine the properties of a cross-country vehicle and a maneuverable high-speed automobile. This makes it possible to carry troops to long distances at a short time so that troops can engage in combat on the move. Owing to a high power-to-weight ratio the vehicle can gain a highway maximum speed ranging from 112 to 130 km/h depending on its engine type. An independent suspension, great wheel radius and high ground clearance enable the vehicle to travel at high speeds in the off-road conditions.

All these qualities make the vehicle indispensable for rapid-deployment forces, as well as for reconnaissance/ patrol and subversion missions.

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