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AA-13 ARROW / K-37/R-37 / RVV-BD

Performance characteristics RVV-DB (ktrv.ru site)
Dimensions length - 4.06 m
diameter 0.38 m
wingspan 0.72 m
rudder span, mm1020
Launch range maximum in the anterior hemisphere up to 200 km.
minimum launch range in ZPS, kmone
GOS capture range (in PPS), km30
height of the targets 0,015 - 25 km.
flight speed of targets hit, km / hup to 2500
Overload of targets hit up to 8G.
starting mass 510 kg.
mass of the warhead 60 kg.
warhead typehigh-explosive fragmentation
angles of target designation 60
guidance systeminertial with radio correction and active radar homing at the end of the trajectory
  • K-37 / "article 610" - the basic version of the missile, passed tests on the MiG-31M .
  • K-37 / "product 610" / 9A1388 - prototype of the basic version of the missile for testing the GOS 9B1388. Perhaps, a version of the missile using only Russian components.
  • K-37M / RVV-BD / "product 610M" - "air-to-air missile - long range" - the name of the K-37 missile made only from Russian components, without using the cooperation established in the USSR. Under this name, the rocket was exhibited at exhibitions of military equipment in the late 2000s. The main purpose of the missile is the arming of MiG-31BM aircraft . The rocket does not stack the lower pair of aerodynamic rudders.
  • K-37ME / RVV-BD / "article 620" - upgraded version of the missile, is mentioned in the 1990s. As an export option for the first time shown at the air show MAKS-2011.
  • RVV-BD-UD is a training version of a missile intended for ground training of aerodrome personnel for the rules of preparing missiles for use, operation, transportation and storage;
  • RVV-BD-UL - training-flight version of the missile intended for training flight personnel for operations on the combat use of missiles without actual launches;
  • RVV-BD-UR - training-cut version of the missile, designed to study the technical and flight personnel of the missile device;
  • RVV-BD-GM - overall-mass model of the missile, to evaluate the TTX of the carrier aircraft with missiles located at the suspension nodes.

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