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NATO Code AA-12 Adder
DeveloperState Design Bureau "Vympel"
Chief Designer GA Sokolov . works of VA Pustovoytov, VG Bogatsky
Manufacturer before 1991 production in Ukraine, currently mastered in Russia JSC "Dux"
Typehigh-maneuverable medium-range missile of the fourth generation
Arms since 1994
carrier aircraft Su-27, MiG-29, MiG-29M, MiG-29SMT, MiG-29UBT, MiG-29K, MiG-31, MiG-31M, Yak-141, Su-27IB, Su-35, Su-37 , MiG-21-93, MiG-23-98
Warheadtype rod with microcumulative elements -
developer State NIIMash
designer SNNikitin
warhead weight, kg 18 (21-22)
fuse type non-contact laser and contact
developer NIIEP
Combined inertial control system with radiorecretion and active RLGSN
Self-guidance head type multipurpose monopulse Doppler active radar 9B-1348E (9B-1348)
developer MNII "Agat" and GNPP "Istok"
target acquisition range with EPR = 5m2 16 -20
ready time after pre-activation 2 min. with the procedure of self-tuning of the parameters of the detection and tracking channels for speed and angles, with 1
target designation angle, deg. +9020
method of aiming proportional or by special trajectories with organized enemy interference
range of the radio-correction channel (with the MiG-29 airplane), km
  • the first export options up to 50
  • in the PPS at a maximum range of up to 80
  • weight of the fairing, kg 16
    length, mm 604
    diameter, mm 200
    Controls aerodynamic rudders
    Steering collapsible aerodynamic latticework - electric control drive
    Angles of attack, degrees. up to 40
    Type of air launch dropping from the carrier aircraft (catapult) or descent from the guiding range
    Range, km: in the PPS (first versions) 0.3 - 70 - in the PPS (serial missile) 0.3-100
    Target speed, km / h up to 3600-3700
    Missile speed, the number M 4 - 4,5
    height of the launch, km:- in the PPS 0,02-25 (28 - 30)
    Height of the target's excess (decrease) km 10
    Probability of target destruction 0.7
    Number of stages 1
    Length of rocket, mm 3600
    Max. diameter of the body, mm 200
    Wingspan, mm 454-530 (420)
    Width of rudders, mm 740-750 (folded) 300
    Starting weight, kg 175-180
    engine: - type RDTT
    manufacturer of charge SMKirova

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