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K-5 (RS-1U / RS-2)

S-1-U weapon system
  • SP-15 interceptor aircraft;
  • RP-1U “Emerald-2” onboard radio sight;
  • aviation launcher APU-3;
  • guided missile RS-1U.
  • Contractor  
    Entered Service1957
    Total length2.3 - 2.83 m
    Diameter 0.2 meters;
    Wingspan0.55 meters
    Weight 74.2-83.2 kg
    Warhead Weight 11.3 kilograms
    Warhead explosive Weight9.2 kilograms
    PropulsionSolid propellant propulsion thrust 1340 kgf
    Maximum Speed800 meters/second
    Maximum effective range 2 - 6 km
    target altitude 5-10 km
    target speed up to 1600 km / h.
    Guidance mode Radio Controlled
    Single-shot hit probability
    Rocket composition
  • tracers on wingtips;
  • radio control equipment, reception antenna;
  • a gyroscope with two degrees of freedom, steering cars, an integrating unit;
  • accumulator battery;
  • jet engine with two nozzles;
  • management equipment;
  • warhead;
  • AR-10 radio fuse.
  • Execution options
  • K-5 - design name of the project;
  • Product Sh? - the first name of a guided jet weapon. Designed in KB-1;
  • B-89 - the first prototype missile, designed to conduct a complex of ground tests;
  • B-140 - the second prototype of the rocket, created for a complex of flight tests. There was no airborne guidance system;
  • RS-1U - adopted for service "the first missile homing missile." The aircraft weapons system with this missile is also called K-5;
  • “Product 210” - the encrypted name of the serial RS-1U;
  • “Product M” - serial name RS-1U;
  • K-5S - draft modification of the RS-1U. The main difference is the increased warhead. For a number of reasons, it did not go into mass production;
  • RS-2U - modification of the RS-1U. The aircraft weapons system with this missile is also called K-5M. At the beginning of 1956, tests of a modified rocket begin. Adopted at the end of 1957;
  • R-55 (K-55) - modified RS-2U “product 67”. It differs in the installation of a thermal seeker with improved noise immunity and an additional warhead. The main developer is OKB Zvezda;
  • RS-2US - modification of RS-2U for the aviation complex Su-9-51 (K-51 / K-5MS). Adopted on 10/10/1960;
  • PL-1 - licensed rocket RS-2U, manufactured in China;
  • target rocket - Polish development of an air target made from a RS-2U rocket for training anti-aircraft calculations;
  • Carried by
  • SP-6 - MiG-17P - a test aircraft specially rebuilt for flight tests of the RS-1U. Created - 5 aircraft;
  • SP-15 - MiG-17PFU (MiG-17P-FU) - carrier aircraft, fighter-interceptor, to equip a new weapon system S-1U. A small series of 40 cars has been released. They were part of the country's air defense forces;
  • Yak-25K - fighter-interceptor, also equipped with a new weapon system S-1U. It was mass-produced. Armed with 4 RS-1U missiles. It was in service with only one aircraft unit;
  • SM-7A (SM-2M) - MiG-19 or MiG-19PM - carrier aircraft (product 65) for advanced missiles. Notable for the presence of an optical sight. The RS-1U did not become a carrier. It was proposed as a carrier aircraft of the next modification of the RS-2U rocket. About 390 cars built;
  • Su-9 interceptor aircraft, under which they developed a new Su-9-51 complex with the RS-2US missile.
  • T-3 - is the prototype of the Su-9. Converted T-3 for the installation of a new complex K-51 - T-43-2. Created 4 test aircraft. Launched APU-19 and APU-20 in two units;
  • MiG-21PF / MiG-21S - the latest carriers of the K-5 series missiles - K-5MS.

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