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Among the novelties presented the domestic defense industry at the international aerospace show MAKS-2013 was present new anti-aircraft missile Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" and the corporation "Tactical Missiles" created the latest missile "surface-to-air" 9M338 with enhanced features for complex air defense of ground troops, "Tor-M2 short-range missiles."

The 9M338 missile was developed at machine-building Design Bureau "Vympel", included in the corporation "Tactical Missiles", with the financial participation of the Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey". In 2008, pre-integrated product 9M338 test was successfully completed. Then Vyatka Machine Building Enterprise "Avitek" began mass production of these missiles.

It is easy to understand, RZV-MD stands for "missile, surface-to-air short-range". According to official data presented Tactical Missiles Corporation, anti-aircraft missile RZV-MD is intended for air defense of ground troops in all kinds of battle and on the march from the blows of high-precision weapons, tactical aircraft, attack helicopters, strategic cruise missiles operating at medium, low and very low altitudes in conditions intense opposition in all weather conditions, day and night.

The emergence of a new missile layout RZV-MD or 9M338K is more than interesting news. The "Bulletin Air Defense" blog noted that the demonstration of this development came as a surprise not only for the professionals and the public, but also for representatives of the Izhevsk Electromechanical "Dome" of the plant, which currently builds the anti-aircraft missile systems "Thor." Nevertheless, there is reason to believe that RZV-MD project was not only complete, but also passed the test phase.

A number of annual reports of the Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" mentioned the 9M338K rocket in the following context: In 2008, state tests "Tor-M2" with the 9M331 missile and complex preliminary tests, "Tor-M2" with 9M338K missile (Annual Report 2008) were completed. In 2009, we completed a comprehensive pre-testing products under the ROC "Tor-M2" (Annual Report 2009).

"One of the main events of the 90s for the separation and the enterprise as a whole, of course, are working to create new products for terrestrial 9M338 missile system. After the rocket 3M9 This was the second project of Grau, in the realization that once again took part GosMKB of "Vympel". ... Great creative work team of the Company in 2008, brought finally the long-awaited success - were successfully completed the preliminary testing of the product complex 9M338 "Ahead of the state tests.." (Chapter "Cause and separating people 400", pp. 114-115)

At the MAKS-2013 on the stand in pavilion D9 JSC "Tactical Missiles Corporation" was first introduced a new anti-aircraft guided missile RZV-MD with transport and launch container (TPK). Presented plaque read as follows: Area defeat manned purposes - up to 16 km in height - up to 10 km. Maximum missile speed - 1000 m / s. The guidance system - Command remote control. Warhead - high-explosive. Weight TPK with a rocket - 163 +/- 2 kg, length TPK - 2.94 m, diameter TPK -. 0.24 m Dimensions RZV-MD were not disclosed, but taking as a basis TPK diameter - 240 mm and that SAM emerged from RVV-AE, it can be assumed that its diameter is just 200 mm.

Aerodynamic missile scheme is wingless. The control system with fixed wings (predrulevymi stabilizers) and flat aerodynamic control surfaces. The planes of the wings and control surfaces are the same. unlike other missiles of "Thor" new 9M338K has no wings or rudders in the bow. All plane transferred to a tailpiece. At the same time, as you can see in the photos available on the surface of the rear part of the missile body has four fixed planes and four wheel about the same size, rotating around its axis. Also, you may notice that the tail of the rocket nozzle located and inducement system, guide the munition at launch towards the target. Another location and size of planes or jets can say that the arrangement of units in the RZV-MD rocket body is significantly different from the placement of systems and units in the previous missiles SAM family "Thor." Controlled flight by using aerodynamic control surfaces (in the rear there are holes that are not GDU system, and are engines declination missiles after launch).

Whereas the export version, Tor-M2E, is still equipped with the standard 9M331 missile, the version for the Russian army will probably come with the new 9M338K.

The latest model 9M338K rockets may have to compete with other systems of similar purpose - anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex 96K6 "Carapace-C1" (SA-22 GREYHOUND). Rocket of the latter have a slightly higher performance range and altitude interception purposes compared with RZV-MD. However, possibly the two complexes in the future will complement each other, performing different tasks related to the cover of objects or forces from air attacks.

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