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Complex 42S6 Morfei / "Morpheus"

Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" (anti-aircraft systems developer "Buk", the C-300, C-400 and others) began the development of SAM "Morpheus" in 2007. As expected, the new facility along with the "Vityaz", the C-400 and C-500 will be part of air and space defense system of Russia. "Morpheus" is capable of hitting targets at a distance of five kilometers and is designed to shield military sites. The complex is equipped with a radar (in particular, the radar dome), as well as launchers for anti-aircraft missiles.

Complex 42S6 "Morpheus" is an ultra low altitude anti-aircraft missile complex short-range / anti-missile defense system, a development is GSKB Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey". On February 27, 2007 MIC NTS under the Government of Russia directed the head developer of the Unified System of antiaircraft missile weapons to undertake the "Morpheus" air defense.

In 2008, it completed development of conceptual design within the framework of the ROC "Morpheus." In 2009-2010, is developing a technical project and announced plans SAM adopted Russian Armed Forces revenues by 2015. According to unconfirmed reports, as of the first half of July 2011 completed the production of a prototype combat vehicle 70N6. In August 2011, the media announced that the complex will be adopted for the defense in 2013. There was also a possbility that the machine will be shown at MAKS-2011, but this did not happen).

Russian Defense Ministry postponed the decision to adopt a new set of air defense (AD) "Morpheus" to 2015. Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko RIA Novosti reported 25 April 2013. In 2011, it was reported that anti-aircraft missile complex short-range 42S6 "Morpheus" may be adopted in 2013. Why timing of the SAM decided to move on arms, not Ostapenko said. April 24, 2013 in the media, Deputy Defence Minister Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko said that the air defense complex "Morpheus" will be adopted in 2015 [though by early 2018 this seems not to have happened].


  1. Command post SAM - vehicle chassis BAZ or "Tiger".
  2. 29YA6 multifunction radar, created in the framework of the ROC "Morpheus" is set to combat vehicle 70N6 and according to unconfirmed reports is an annular phased array radar with AFAR or dome lens (probably hemispherical phased array). Probably hemispherical phased array consists of a 2048 transceiver modules. It is likely that in the SAM command control is used according to the complex radar.
  3. Launcher - with radar 29YA6 on BAZ chassis - 70N6. SAM does not apply to the movement. Start missiles made likely of vertical launch containers. The first sample of the chassis BAZ-69092-024 shipped GSKB "Almaz-Antey" in May 2010. According to unconfirmed reports in the combat vehicle mounted radar 70N6 ring PAR and infrared guidance station. BAZ-69092-022 (2008 or earlier) and BAZ-69092-024 - 12 or 24 missiles (most likely) BAZ-6909 - 48 missiles (presumably)
  4. 9M338K Rocket (mention in the report of "Almaz-Antey" for 2008 in the context of OCD "Tor-M2") with a Range - up to 6 km / 5 km and a height of the intrecept - up to 3500 m

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