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9M15 “Typhoon”

In 1961, the development of the Typhoon Tours began (factory index 301P). The lead developer of the Typhoon was OKB-16. The control system in the Typhoon was made manual, the transmission of commands was carried out by radio beam. The 9M15 projectile was equipped with a cumulative fragmentation warhead. Moreover, the fragmentation action of the 9M15 was equivalent to the action of a 100-mm grenade from the D-10 cannon, which was armed with the T-54 and T-55. Beam launcher.

The KB of the Kirov plant under the leadership of Zh. Ya. Kotin created missile tank ob. 287. Both the guns and the missile launcher were automatically loaded, the guns each being fed from two eight round drums, giving a total of 32 guns rounds and 15 missiles stored in the tank. The missile launch platform was vertically stabilised, allowing the vehicle to move at low speed and fire. The guns were remotely controlled by the gunner and commander from the front of the hull.

Two tanks ob. 287 in April 1964 entered the factory tests at the Gorokhovets proving ground. Of the 45 controlled launches, there were 16 hits on the target, 18 failures, 8 misses and 3 unrecorded launches. Each tank covered at least 700 km. By the end of 1964, the tests were stopped to eliminate the identified shortcomings (unreliability of the missile control system, unsatisfactory firing of 2A25 cannons, etc.). Later, work on Typhoon was stopped altogether.

Diameter 140mm
Length 1,300mm
Finspan 540 mm
Weight 40.5 kg
Guidance Radio Guided SACLOS
Warhead 10 kg Shape Charge (3.9 kg HE)
Penetration 500-600 mm of RHA, with fragmentation equal to 100mm HEF from D-10.
Maximum Speed 250 m/sec
Average Speed 210 m/sec
Minimum Range 300-400 meters
Maximum Range 4,000 meters
Maximum Range (Night) 1,500 meters
Notes Launched at an angle of 200 degrees. Of the 45 tests of the 9M15 missile, only 16 missiles hit the target.

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