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Project 956 Sarych - Operations
Sovremenny class
Guided Missile Destroyer

Of the fourteen squadron destroyers of Project 956, transferred to the fleet before December 8, 1991, eight ships ("Modern", "Desperate", "Excellent", "Impeccable", "Winged", "Thundering", "Rapid" and "Unrestrained") joined the 56th destroyer brigade of the 7th OPESK of the Northern Fleet of the USSR Navy, six other ships ("Inspective", "Combat", "Resistant", "Fast", "Stormy" and "Bezboyaznny") Pacific Fleet (mainly in the 175th brigade of rocket ships).

During service in the USSR Navy, squadron destroyers of Project 956 took an active part in a large number of combat services and naval exercises, such as “Ocean-83”, “Atlantic-84”, “Zapolyarye-84”, “Squadron- 84 "," Moncada-85 "and others. The project ships carried out control over the NATO naval exercises in the Norwegian and Mediterranean seas, followed the ship and aircraft carrier groups of the US and UK fleets. In addition to combat missions, the destroyer project 956 carried out peace missions, made official and friendly visits to the ports of several countries: Algeria, Vietnam, GDR, Greece, Egypt, India, China, Cuba, Libya, Syria, USA, FRG, Yugoslavia, African countries and others, showing the Soviet naval flag.

The collapse of the USSR led to a sharp (20 times) reduction in government orders for the Navy, including both the construction of new ships and the comprehensive repair of ships already in the fleet. The underfunding has also affected the Project 956 ships: the construction of new squadron destroyers was stopped (only the pledged ones were completed), and the current and average repairs of the ships already built were delayed or not carried out at all. This, as well as problems with the operation of the boiler-turbine power plant, led to the fact that most of the destroyers of Project 956 were in service for less than ten years, although the estimated duration of their service should have exceeded two decades. So, only five years operated the destroyer "Resistant", six years - "Winged", seven years - "Unrestrained" and "Prudent", eight years - "Impeccable", "Thundering" and "Rapid", nine years - "Fast" and " Fearless". As a result, already by 2002, out of seventeen destroyers built for the Navy of the USSR and the Russian Navy, there were actually only five ships in the formation: “Combat”, “Stormy”, “Restless”, “Persistent” and “Fearless”, the rest of the ships were cut to metal, or sent to the reserve or for conservation.

After 1991, the activity of the exploitation of the destroyers of the project 956 repeatedly decreased and as part of the Russian Navy these ships managed to take part only in a few battles. In December 1995 — March 1996, the destroyer "Fearless" as part of the AMG (TAKR "Admiral Kuznetsov", submarine "Wolf", patrol ship "Pylky", 3 tankers and 2 rescue tugs) carried combat service in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic with port visits Tunisia, Syria and Malta.

From February 17 to April 30, 1997, the destroyer "Persistent" from the Baltic Fleet under the command of Rear Admiral V. N. Apanovich made a trip to the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean along the route Baltiisk - Abu Dhabi - Simonstown - Cape Town - Baltiisk. The participation of the ship in the international arms exhibition in Abu Dhabi contributed to the conclusion of a contract for the sale of two squadron destroyers of Project 956-E.

In September-October 2004, the destroyer "Admiral Ushakov" (formerly "Fearless") as part of the AMG (TAKR "Admiral Kuznetsov", TARKR "Peter the Great", the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov, 2 BOD, tanker and 2 tugs) participated in exercises of the Northern Fleet in the North-East Atlantic.

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