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57E6 / 57E6E / SA-22 GREYHOUND

The Tulamashzavod Kashtan combines two liquid-cooled, gas-operated, six-barrelled 30 mm GSh-6-30K guns with eight launchers for 57E6 missiles (export designation 57E6E) to provide defense of warships against cruise missiles. The Pantsyr-S1 carries twelve 57E6 [with the NATO reporting name SA-22 GREYHOUND] surface-to-air missiles.

The complex "Carapace" is equipped with 12 new SAM 57E6, appearance and layout similar to missiles 9M311 ZRPK "Tunguska". Design - two-stage rocket with starting and sustainer stage, aerodynamic design - "duck". command and control system - radio control. Engine - SRM at the starting stage of the engine sustainer stage no. Housing bikaliberny rocket engine is in the second separating stage. The missile has a short flight time to the starting area. The warhead consists of Strezhneva submunitions. The missile uses an air-dynamic steering. The small-size surface-to-air missile with high flight and ballistic characteristics (Vmax = 1.300 m/s) and a highly powerful fragmentation rod warhead (it weighs 20 kg with the missile weight being 30 kg).

The missile has a bicalibre body in tandem configuration, separable booster and sustainer with separation mechanism. The sustainer contains the warhead and contact and proximity fuses. The missile weighs 65kg at launch and has a maximum speed of 1,100m/s. Range is from 1km to 12km. It has an expanded engagement zones up to 20 km in range and up to 10 km in altitude.

The 57E6YE surface-to-air missile features a short flight time at the boost phase (t = 1.5 s, Vmax = 1.300 m/s). High agility after separation of the booster is accompanied by small ballistic deceleration during post-boost flight (40 m/s for 1 km of flight). Also noteworthy is the heavy weight of the warhead (16kg - 20 kg) at the small launch weight of the SAM, along with the employment of rod subprojectiles in the warhead ensuring positive engagement of a broad class of targets. Its warhead is described by the Russians as being of "elongated rod" pattern, presumably a form of what is termed "continuous rod" in the West. The effectiveness of an elongated rod warhead is proportional to warhead length and inversely proportional to warhead diameter. The air-dynamic control actuator is available without limitations in terms of service life.

Length of container, mm 3,200
Missile length3160 mm
Diameter, 1st stage booster170 mm90 mm
diameter, 2nd stage sustainer 90 mm76 mm
Weight, kg:
in container 85
launch 71
Weight with TPK94 kg
Weight without TPK75.7 kg
Warhead weight 2020 kg
Weight explosive, kg5.55.5 kg
Range1-18 km
height of action5-15000 meters
maximum speed1,300 m/s1300 m / s (at the end of the work starting stage)
Average speed900 m / s (at a distance of 12 km)
Average speed780 at range of 18 km780 m / s (at a distance of 18 km)
the maximum target speed1000 m / s
Speed - ballistic braking40 m / s at 1 kilometers (sustainer stage)
The duration of the starting areawith 2.4
Probability of hitting aerial targets0.7-0.95
CU Typefragmentation rod warhead may 14F6
Fuse warheadcontact and non-contact
Fuze type contact +proximity, radar, adaptive
Fuze radius of action, m 9

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