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2A3 Kondensator 406mm / Capacitor-2P - self-propelled artillery

characteristics 2A3 406mm "Kapacitor-2P" self-propelled gun
State established1955-1957
Entered service 1960.
developer CDB-34, LB OKBT
Manufacturer LB
Crew 7 people.
Weight 64 tons
Length with gun forward 20m
Height 5.75 m
housing width 3.80 m
Ground Clearance 460 mm
Chassis special "object 271"
based on the chassis of the
T-10M (object 272) tank
Avg. Specific.
pressure on the ground,
kg / cm2
engine's type V12-6B diesel supercharged
Engine power 552 kW (751 hp) at 2100 rev / min
Specific power, l. p. / t 11.7
fuel consumption, l / h 95-100
oil consumption, l / h 2.5-3.5
warranty service life, h 300
Electric generator G-74
developer OKBT
power, kW 3,0
Power reserve, km 200-220
Suspension individual torsion beam
Maximum road speed 65 km / h
Cruising on the highway 200 km
Surveillance devices :
  • day TPV-51
  • night "angle"
  • radio R-113
    intercom P-120
    artillery weapon
    gun type one 406 mm cannon SM-54
    Developer SDB-34
    Manufactured plant #221
    Caliber 406.4 mm
    Max. range of fire, km 25.6
    Weight, kg approx. 20000
    Special ammunition
  • special projectile with a nuclear charge of RDS-41 ( item 11D )
  • developer of charge KB-11
  • Ch. constructor Yu.B.Khariton charge
  • charge power limit
  • automatic developer unit KB-11 and KB-25
  • mass of the projectile 570 kg
  • Sights TPR-51, "angle", S-71-5, ZIS-3

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