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21630 Buyan Patrol Craft

The tried and tested Project 21630 has a relatively simple design. Buyan class corvettes have been specifically designed to operate in shallow waters and carry out a broad range of missions in the Caspian Sea, as well as in adjoining river deltas. The vessels feature a reduced radar signature and high maneuverability. They were built at the St. Petersburg-based Almaz Shipyard and are armed with an A-190 artillery system, two AK-306 30-mm six-barrel machineguns and Grad-M 40-tube 122-mm multiple rocket launch systems.

The designation of small missile ships of this project is the protection and protection of the economic zone of the state. In contrast to its prototype, the small artillery ship of Project 21630, the MRK has almost twice the displacement and is equipped with missile weapons that allow strikes by high-precision cruise missiles for both maritime and ground targets. A new Project 21630 (Buyan-class) corvette arrived at a naval base hosting Russias Caspian Flotilla to boost the countrys maritime defenses in the region, a flotillas spokesman said 04 Ooctober 2013. The Makhachkala corvette has successfully passed state trials and will soon start performing its operational tasks in the Caspian Sea as part of the [Caspian] flotilla, Alexey Rulev said. The Makhachkala is the third Buyan-class vessel put in service with the Caspian Flotilla.

Project 21632 Tornado (Buyan export version)

Project 21632 Tornado missile boat (gunboat) is an export option. Her sister boat, project 21630 Astrakhan, joined the Russian Navy in 2006. Characterized by relatively small displacement (about 600 tons) the vessel is well-armed with a 100-mm and two 30-mm artillery mounts, Grad multiple-launch rocket system, Gibka turret mount operating Igla MANPADS. Such an impressive weapon arsenal allows the Tornado to effectively counter surface, submerged and aerial targets. In peacetime she is indispensable when it comes to patrolling maritime areas, coastal strips and rivers.

The Zelenodolsk Design Bureau offers four versions of ships of various purposes based on the Project 21632 Buyan-Tornado-class boats (similar to the gunboat Astrakhan with a displacement of about 500 t). A gunboat is capable of engaging coast-, surface-, and air-based targets, as well as performing guard duty. A missile boat is armed with Uran-E antiship missiles instead of rockets designed to engage coastal targets. Another variant of the missile boat is equipped with Yakhont long-range supersonic antiship missiles. The fourth version is a patrol boat featuring slightly increased displacement and operational range and the ability to carry a light helicopter with a weight of up to 4 t. It is designed to protect territorial waters and the economic zone.

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