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Project 1274 Klasma class (cable ships)

The rapid development of the Northern and Far Eastern regions required the creation of a large BSC (BSC) for the development of a system of long submarine communication lines. This KBS was designed at the end of the 50s at the Vyartsilya shipyard in accordance with the technical specifications of the USSR Navy and under the supervision of its specialists. The head BKBS was built in 1962 and received the name "Ingul". In total, up to 8 BCBSs were built at this shipyard until 1978. Moreover, the last three had an increased carrying capacity of already 2,800 tons of cable and a slightly larger displacement.

The ship's carrying capacity was determined at 2,400 tons of cable and 270 tons of other cable equipment. The total displacement of BKBS reached 6,810 tons. The BKBS was equipped with two bow 20-ton winches and two mobile winches. The BKBS equipment allowed working at depths up to 2,500 m. The main two-shaft power plant, diesel-electric, provided a speed of more than 15 knots.

The cable vessels of project 1274 were built at the WARTSILA shipyard (Turku, Finland). With a displacement of 7030 tons, the ships were built from Siemens - Open-hearth steel. The vessel was designed for laying, lifting and repairing underwater cable systems with rigid amplifiers and couplings at depths up to 2500 meters. The vessels were initially equipped with two propellers, a bow thruster and an active steering wheel. The fuel supply was sufficient for a range of 3,000 nautical miles when traveling at a speed of 14 knots with full power of the main engines, sufficient power of the auxiliary engines and with a working heating system. Autonomy of swimming in fuel and water reserves for 30 days.

The source of energy for powering the propeller motors is 5 diesels, with a capacity of 990 hp. of which each is connected to a 680 kW DC generator. Rowing 2-screw, with a total capacity of 4300 hp. To ensure maneuvering, the vessel has a bow thruster of 800 hp in the bow. The active steering wheel is driven by an AC motor mounted on the steering wheel. The deadweight of the vessel is 3261 tons with draft on the cargo water line in salt water with a specific gravity of 1.025 tons.

The vessel is separated by watertight bulkheads. In the middle part of the vessel there are 3 cylindrical tenks for placing a cable system with a total capacity of 2500 tons, which allows placing up to 1500 - 2000 km of cable (depending on the type of cable and system configuration). The vessel is equipped with storage space for underwater amplifiers up to 50 units, depending on the overall dimensions of specific products. This amount is sufficient for laying systems up to 2,000 km long.

Cable vessels are capable of performing tasks in a wide range of climatic and physical-geographical conditions in all seas, including in the Arctic, independently in ice conditions with an ice thickness of up to 0.4 m, or with icebreaker piloting without restriction.

The company "ArcticKabel", is the owner of a specialized cable vessel pr.1274 "Tsna". Currently, the Company carriest repair and restoration work of the ship and takes measures to modernize it in order to bring the characteristics to the operational and technical level that meets modern requirements ensuring competitiveness and steady demand in the market.

# Name yard# Factory Pledged Launched Commission Stricken Note
1IngulNo. 371 Wärtsilä, Helsinki, Finland 10/10/1961 04/14/1962 12/15/196207.31/1996
2Jana / Yana type INo. 372 Wärtsilä, Helsinki, Finland 05/04/1962 11/11/1962 07/09/19632009
3TsnaNo. 1160 Värtsilä, Turku, Finland 12/27/1967 07/07/1968 12/20/19682020: under reconstruction
4DonetsNo. 1175 Värtsilä, Turku, Finland 07/07/1968 12/17/1968 07/03/19691.06/2012
5Zeya / Zeya No. 1176 Värtsilä, Turku, Finland 12/17/1968 07/14/1970 11/20/197030.10/2011
6KatunNo. 1211 Värtsilä, Turku, Finland 01/01/1973 03/20/1973 05/14/19741995
7TavdaNo. 1236 Värtsilä, Turku, Finland 04/14/1976 10/21/1976 10/6/19771.06/2012
8InguriNo. 1237 Värtsilä, Turku, Finland 10/21/1976 10/04/1977 05/12/1978..2020: in service

Displacement, t
standard 3,770 / 5,900
full 6,900 / 7,031
Dimensions, m
length 130.0-130.4 / 424 feet
width 16.0-16.03
draft 5.2-5.22
Full speed, knots 15.7
Cruising Range 4,000 miles (13 knots), 3,000 miles (15 knots)
Autonomy, days thirty
Power plant
  • 2 x 2150 hp, electric motors,
  • 2 VFSh,
  • 1 VRK with VFSh in the nozzle,
  • 5 DG 814TK 729 kW each (Yana, Ingul? - 4 DG 1100 kW each),
  • 5 DG 680 kW (not on Yana ?, Ingule) ,
  • 3 DG of 300 kW, 1 DG of 50 kW (Yana ?, Ingul)
  • RTV
  • 2 x radar "Donetsk"
  • 1 x CROSS LOOP
  • Crew, people 118

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