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Armament of ATAKR "Ulyanovsk"

With the advent of ATAKR of the type "Ulyanovsk", the issue of combat stability of any of Soviet ship formations in any area of the World Ocean was solved entirely and completely, its defense can be roughly called "impenetrable." And the impenetrability of the defense of "Ulyanovsk" was determined by a special study at the American Naval Institute. The terms of reference stipulated that the interceptors of the long-range air defense defenses Su-27K (Su-33) and lighter maneuverable fighters for gaining superiority in the air MiG-29K would be based on the ship. The Su-27 is more than twice as heavy as the MiG and initially inferior to it in some respects. In addition, the MiG-29 is smaller in size, and, therefore, more could be accommodated on the ship.

The Su-33 has a complex of modern flight-navigation equipment and provides a full range of weapons-guided missile, bomb and cannon armament. Having high characteristics, the aircraft is capable of fulfilling the tasks of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense of ship formations at sea, destroying air attack means at altitudes from extremely small to 27 km, at speeds up to 3500 km / h, has the possibility of refueling in air from the same tanker or from an aircraft of the type Su-25. The pace of production of aircraft - three in one minute.

The possibilities of using the GRANIT missile complex with TACR have changed - having its own reconnaissance and target designation system together with the MKPC, it was planned to set up an escort and cover over the air with the released "wolf pack", which could be adjusted by a special system installed on the "guide" aircraft In flight, until the turn to another target. Thus, the reconnaissance and strike complex Granit acquired new capabilities and could be significantly improved by removing armor, systems for jamming and self-searching systems from missiles.

It is considered "good form" to scold the deployment of operational and tactical missiles on an aircraft carrier: justifying it by the fact that the missile complex only takes the place, and its tasks can also cope with the aircraft. But if the missiles themselves together with the armored box take the place of only two Su-33 type aircraft, then the role of the SCRC is difficult to overestimate. Even with the defeat of the air wing of our aircraft carrier, the enemy's large ships will not be able to approach our aircraft carrier closer than 700 km. Moreover, a missile salvo can be produced during the preparation of aircraft for takeoff or re-equipping them from one type of ammunition to another, or in general in non-flying weather - an intellectual missile like Granit can generally be classified as a single-use unmanned aircraft, On surface targets, and along the shore. Hence, It is more logical to break through or weaken the strong air defense missile defense by missiles, not by airplanes. Well, in the end, perhaps in the world no one puts such missiles on aircraft carriers because no one simply has them (light Harpoon, which, in fact, can be launched from aircraft, does not count). The nuclear warhead of the 3M-45 rocket has a power of 500 kilotons!

The self-defense of the aircraft carrier "Ulyanovsk" from low-flying cruise missiles was to consist of a echeloned system where the "Dagger" SAM was "working" at distant approaches, ZRAC "Kortik" was involved in the near approaches for final destruction of targets, which operated from a single radar Autonomously, but as part of a circuit in which the BIU automatically determined which complex or division at which time it is necessary to switch on.

The anti-torpedo complex "Udav" in the future could be replaced by a more powerful RKPTZ "Liven", which had its own high-frequency SAS for detecting the incoming torpedoes and associated with it a six-barrel launcher for anti-torpedo shells.

Heavy aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" would lose to the new aircraft carrier "Ulyanovsk" in all respects: the range of navigation, autonomy, attack capabilities, the power of aviation, means of self-defense. Atomic power installation in Russian conditions is even more preferable for raid parking - the resource and steam output of the AEC are incomparable with the resource of steam boilers. According to the calculations of the Navy's institutes, one ATAKR of Project 1143.7 is equivalent to 15-18 nuclear-powered cruisers of the Peter the Great type, and the effectiveness of investing money in the construction of aircraft carriers as the basis of a surface fleet is 15-20 times higher than those invested in the development of large ships Traditional classes.

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