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Project 10570

In connection with the development of new oil and gas fields, which are actively conducted by the Russian Federation on the Arctic shelf and, as a consequence, the need to expand the icebreaking and specialized fleet, it was decided to develop a multifunctional nuclear icebreaker project for work on the Arctic shelf. In 2015, the development of a draft icebreaker design was completed. Commissioning of the new nuclear icebreaker project 10570 was expected in 2022.

Krylov State Research Center has developed a concept design of a 40MW shallow-draft icebreaker of Project 10570, Mikhail Zagorodnnikov, Executive Director of Krylov Center, told IAA PortNews in August 2016. They are supposed to replace the Vaygach and Taimyr icebreakers. The ships draft will be 8 meters (Leader-class icebreakers will have a draft of 10-12 meters). The icebreakers of this project will be able to operate in the mouths of the Lena, Yenisei and Ob rivers. They are supposed to replace the Vaygach and Taimyr icebreakers.

The multifunctional atomic icebreaker project 10570 was designed by the Central Design Bureau Iceberg in conjunction with the Krylov State Research Center, and is designed to operate on the Northern Sea Route, but in shallow water areas. The relevance of the new development is related to the plans for the development of the transport potential of the Northern Sea Route.

During the development of the project, the concept of a ship-platform implementation was implemented with various configurations having many identical solutions, including: general layout, hull, power plant, propulsion and steering system, Dynpos-2 dynamic positioning system.

The adopted concept allows the ship to be equipped with various types of equipment that allow the offshore operations to be carried out in the search and development of oil and gas fields, depending on the type of work being carried out. The proposed equipment for icebreakers for work on the Arctic shelf has a layout peculiar to specialized offshore fleet vessels for the development of oil and gas fields.

When developing a multifunctional nuclear icebreaker project of an offshore type, the concept of creating a "unified basic platform vessel" was used, which had identical solutions for the general arrangement, body structures, equipment for basic power equipment and systems, power equipment, security systems, radio communications, navigation.

The maximum hidden deck, which is protected from icing when used in the Arctic. The icebreaker is multifunctional, it can be used for different tasks, accordingly, it should look neutral. When developing the appearance, it made a start from the aviation image, because the airplane is the symbol of the embodied dream. An atomic icebreaker is also a kind of dream come true. After all, this is the first ship that reached the North Pole. The length of the icebreaker is 150 meters, width - 20 meters. This is a course project done in cooperation with CDB Iceberg.

The icebreaker is designed for:

  • icebreaking warships in the shallow sections of the Arctic shelf;
  • ensuring ice safety and assistance in supplying drilling platforms;
  • performance of rescue operations in ice conditions and on clean water;
  • additional tasks depending on the selected equipment of special equipment.

The project provides for the unification of the main and auxiliary equipment with the construction of the universal nuclear icebreaker "Arktika" project 22220. The nuclear-powered vessel will be equipped with two full-rotor screwdrivers and a central screw. Two thrusters will be located in the bow. All this will allow the icebreaker to be positioned with high accuracy and will add maneuverability to it.

The adopted concept allows the creation of various types of multifunctional nuclear icebreakers offshore with specialized equipment to provide offshore operations, depending on the requirements of the Customer; and also, due to unification of design decisions, allows to reduce terms and cost of performance of design works.

Based on the universal base platform, depending on the selected equipment of the special equipment, it is possible to create several versions of offshore nuclear icebreakers:

  • Multifunctional atomic icebreaker with small draft
  • Multifunctional nuclear powered icebreaker with a towing and anchoring function
  • Multifunctional nuclear powered ice-breaker
  • Multifunctional nuclear icebreaker for inspection, maintenance and repair of underwater oil and gas production facilities
  • Multifunctional nuclear icebreaker for carrying out seismic surveys to find oil and gas fields
  • Multifunctional nuclear icebreaker for stimulating hydrocarbon production

The proposed basic equipment of icebreakers, depending on the types of work, is initially equipped with various equipment and can be modified depending on the requirements of the Customer, without significant changes to the project. The configuration of the nuclear icebreaker with a small draft of 8 m makes it possible to carry out shipboarding, cargo delivery, towing and rescue operations in shallow inaccessible areas of the Arctic shelf.

A special feature of the icebreaker supply is the high cargo capacity of the vessel, which allows the delivery of personnel and the supply of technological materials of drilling and production platforms. The nuclear-powered icebreaker with the functions of towing and anchorage provides equipment similar to the icebreaker (illuminated by it), as well as a towing complex with a pulling force of up to 300 tons and equipment for working with anchors. It is also possible to install a cargo U-shaped ramp (a ramp appears and is illuminated) and a removable complex for 2D seismic survey.

The specified equipment of the icebreaker is characterized by a wide range of functions and is oriented towards joint work with offshore drilling rigs, work with special remote control devices, some types of construction work and 2D seismic survey.

For inspections, maintenance and repair of underwater oil and gas production facilities, this version of the icebreaker ensures the performance of a complex of underwater technical works necessary for operation in fields with underwater mining complexes. For performance of works remote-controlled devices are provided. The equipment can be expanded, including deep-water diving complex and cranes of increased payload capacity to ensure the performance of a wide range of structural works on the shelf.

The atomic icebreaker for seismic research includes a complex of equipment for 2D, 3D and 4D seismic surveys. Such an icebreaker can work both on the search for oil and gas fields, and to assess the depletion of reserves when operating existing fields.

The icebreaker equipment for stimulating the production of hydrocarbons in the Arctic provides for in-house equipment to stimulate the production of hydrocarbons using multi-stage and large-volume fracturing methods, placed with the necessary supplies of materials in the process compartment. With the help of such an icebreaker configuration, intensification of hydrocarbon production at existing fields can be carried out and increased productivity of wells for the fields being developed can be ensured.

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