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Name yearlengthbeamdraftdispl.knotsHP
ERMAK 18989821,77,6 m.880 t14 9500 hp.
Fedor LITKE,
III International,
Erlang Grey
19097614,55 m3400 t 176000 hp.
Krasin, SVYATOGOR191796,821,87,9 m9300 t 15 10 000 hp.
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Alexander NEVSKIY191785,619,55,86260 T12 8000 hp.
I.Stalin1938106,723,26,7 m.11000 t15,510000 hp.
Captain Belousov195483,219,16,2 m4375 T16,510500 hp.
Moscow1960118,924,59,5 m12840 t18,322 000 hp.

Soviet Diesel-Electric Classes
Nuclear Classes
LENINDeep-draft Polar44,000 SHP 1. Lenin (1959)
ARKTIKADeep-draft Polar75,000 SHP 1. Arktika (1975)
2. Sibir' (1977)
3. Rossiya (1985)
4. Leonid Brezhnev / Sovetski Soyuz (1989)
5. Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya / Yamal (1992)
6. 50 Years of Victory (2007)
Taimyrriver icebreaker(single KLT-40M reactor) Taimyr 1989
Vaygach 1990
Finnish Diesel-Electric Classes
MOSKVADeep-draft Polar22,000 SHP 1. Moskva (1959)
2. Leningrad (1960)
3. Kiev (1965)
4. Murmansk (1968)
5. Vladivostok (1969)
YERMAKDeep-draft Polar36,000 SHP 1. Yermak (1974)
2. Admiral Makarov (1975)
3. Krasin (1976)
KAPITAN SOROKINShallow-draft Polar 22,000 SHP 1. Kapitan Sorokin (1977)
2. Kapitan Nikolayev (1978)
KAPITAN DRANITSYNShallow-draft Polar 22,000 SHP 1. Kapitan Dranitsyn (1980)
2. Kapitan Khlebnikov (1981)
Canadian Diesel-Electric Classes

Using the Northern Sea Route shaves about 25 percent off the distance via the Suez Canal between Rotterdam and Hong Kong. Russian icebreakers can charge some fraction of this difference to escort cargo ships through the ice. In 2014 the Northern Sea Route moved 274,000 tons of cargo, while the Suez Canal for the same year moved 822.3 million tons in 2014.

Initially, reactors on surface ships were designed for a total lifetime of 25,000 hours. By 2015 the reactor on the icebreaker "Arctika“ operated 150,000 hours. Research is ongoing to extend the lifetime to 175-200,000 hours for both the vessel and the nuclear reactors. The weakest element: the steam generators - in 2002, 17 out of 29 incidents were related to leaks in the steam generator. By 2015 plans included construction a series of icebreaker LK-25 diesel. Such vessels should provide support for atomic icebreakers monitoring of large caravans, working in the mouths of rivers inaccessible even for two quiet ships. These icebreakers diesel can be used in the White and Baltic seas where in winter time also forms the icing. And finally, to work in ports if you want to use the small LK-18 ships and two LK-16. These icebreakers diesel may be used for cleaning jobs in ports from the Baltic to the Pacific Ocean. The four icebreakers construction contracts with the ability to 25Mvt, 18 Mvt 16Mvt and two, respectively, in the total amount of 20.4 million rubles were signed on December 2, 2011 between the Corporation and the company Shipbuilding Rosmorflot. The two icebreakers with 16Mvt capacity will be built in Vyborg company, while LK-18 and LK-25 - the Baltiysky company of St. Petersburg.

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