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Project 03182 / 03183 / Project 23310

Russia's naval procurement strategy to fortify Moscow's designs on the Arctic include the new Project 21900 icebreakers and planned Project 22600 diesel electric and 2220 nuclear powered icebreakers, as well as Project 03182 multi-purpose tanker and Project 20180 armament support and logistics ships.

Project 03182 is a new class of Russian Arctic supply ship for Navy, FSB & CG use loper of the project 03182 (code "Platform-Arctic", originally designated as Project 23310). The Ministry of defense of Russia in 2014-2015 signed a contract to build the Navy for four small marine project 03182 tankers, two of which have to be built JSC” Zelenodolsk plant named after AM Gorky “(included in the group of companies JSC” Holding company “Ak Bars”) Zelenodolsk, and two tankers for the Pacific Fleet – JSC “Eastern Shipyard” in Vladivostok.

The Zelenodolsk Design Bureau in the framework of the Platform-Arctic theme has begun to create a multipurpose platform for a reinforced ice class vessel to support the concept of small-displacement Arctic ships for the transport of liquid cargo, dry cargo, discharged cargo and people, with the possibility of receiving helicopter equipment (including unmanned aerial vehicles devices) and performing rescue operations. The bureau approached this topic with a serious background in the development of the documentation package for the medium tanker of project 23130.

The contract for the first two tanker project 03182 (serial numbers 9001 and 9002) was signed with “Eastern shipyard” September 1, 2014. Construction of the head of the tanker of the project with the serial number 9001, officially pledged October 27, 2015 as the “Michael Barskov”, was launched at the “Eastern shipyard” in the beginning of 2015, the commissioning of the Navy ship was scheduled in November 2017, with the “eastern yards” under construction and the second tanker (serial number 9002) with the delivery in November 2019.

Keel-laying of lead ship of seagoing tanker (small), project 03182, designed by “Zelenodolsk Design Bureau” JSC, took place on the 27th of October, 2015. The head of the enterprise for the tanker project 03182 “Vice Admiral Ferries” (serial number 850) was founded September 1, 2016. JSC “Shipyard” Volga “in 2016 signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of Russia for the construction of two small marine tanker project 03182 for the Black Sea Fleet (home port – Sevastopol), with delivery in 2019 and 2020.

The developer of the project 03182 (code” platform, Arctic “, originally designated as project 23310) is JSC” Zelenodolsk design Bureau.“ Earlier, the Ministry of defense of Russia in 2014-2015 signed a contract to build the Navy for four small marine project 03182 tankers, two of which have to be built JSC” Zelenodolsk plant named after AM Gorky “(included in the group of companies JSC” Holding company “Ak Bars”) Zelenodolsk, and two tankers for the Pacific Fleet – JSC “Eastern Shipyard” in Vladivostok. For the first time in its long history, the plant will build a ship with a displacement of more than 1,000 tons. For this, the newest equipment is installed, and the production halls have been specially prepared for work on such an order.

The Project 03182 is a seagoing tanker [small] designed to arrange replenishment at sea as well as to store and transport liquid cargo; provide vessels with cargo in barrelwares, boxes, pallets, containers etc; and - collect bilge waters, sewage waters, dry wastes and food wastes.

Project 03182 tanker ice class Arc4 have total displacement of 3500 tons, deadweight 1,560 dwt, length 75 m, width 15.4 m, draft at full load 5 m and be provided with electric power plant with rudder propellers (according to the latest information – Chinese origin).The crew of 24 people with the possibility of placing another eight people. The vessels are equipped with a pad for helicopter Ka-27 class. Major characteristics of Project 03182: length – 78.8 m, width – 15.4 m, draft max – 4.9 m, cruising range - 1,500 miles, endurance – 30 days, crew – 24, full displacement – 3,500 t, deadweight – 1,560 t, seaworthiness – up to 9 points, main propulsion power - 3 x 1600 kW, auxiliary powerplant capacity - 2?400 kW, propulsion unit 2x1600 kW.

New ice-rated supply ships of project 03183 are designed in the interests of the Arctic grouping of the Russian Navy. The delivery of the first ships was expected in 2020, captain of the first rank Andrey Vernigorathe director of the Department for Ensuring the State Defense Order of the Ministry of Defense told reporters. "In the near future, designing ice-class vessels of project 03183 will begin in the interests of the Arctic Navy. Design and construction is envisaged by the program of military shipbuilding, approximately by 2020, "he said. However, Vernigora did not specify the characteristics of the ships and the specific tasks that they are to solve.

The vessel can be claimed not only by the Navy, but also by the Coast Guard of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, as well as enterprises engaged in the extraction of natural resources in the Arctic, supply and security of production platforms.

Expert Dmitry Boltenkov believes the tankers will expand the capabilities of the Black Sea fleet. “Any group of warships is accompanied by a tug and tanker. The latter supplies fuel, oil, spare parts and food. The tug tows a warship in case of breakdown. Project 03182 tankers are universal. They can easily cope with the missions performed by two vessels at present. They can extinguish fire and participate in search and patrol operations,”.

Former Navy Chief-of-Staff Admiral Valentin Selivanov is convinced the new tankers will be mostly used in the Mediterranean Sea. “The Soviet Mediterranean squadron had four tankers to fuel warships and diesel submarines. It is not always possible to obtain the necessary fuel in a foreign port. Besides, the power plants are adapted to domestic diesel fuel or black oil. There is a danger that foreign ports may not let Russian warships in. A tanker is necessary in this case,”.

The ships are universal and can engage in a broad range of missions. They transport liquid and dry cargo and passengers. They can pump fuel and oil to ships in open sea and load major cargoes in barrels, boxes, and containers. The tanker can withdraw any garbage from a warship, as well as liquid waste, including oil polluted water. It can ensure transport operations in seaports.

The new tanker can independently patrol navigation areas which are dangerous because of bad weather. It can engage in rescue duties in fishing areas, offshore oil and gas deposits and enjoy air support, as it has a helipad for Ka-27 in the stern. The tanker can carry several drones for reconnaissance in a radius of several dozen or hundreds of kilometers depending on the model. In an emergency, the tanker can rescue distressed seafarers. It can heave off a vessel, pump out water and tow it to a nearby port. The tanker has pumps and water jets to extinguish fire.

Project 03182 ships can operate in any latitude, including northern ones. They can operate in Arctic seas in 0.6-0.8-meter thick ice. They can sail the Northern Sea Route and participate in Arctic scientific expeditions. The tanker is not big and has a displacement of 3500 tons. It is 75 meters long and 15.4 meters wide and enjoys good seaworthiness. The crew comprises 24 men and at least another eight people can be accommodated.

The Navy is paying much attention to logistical provision. The Black Sea fleet engages all coastal infrastructure for the purpose ranging from berths and workshops to arsenals. The Russian Defense Ministry contracted four small tankers of project 03182 in 2014-2015. The first two vessels are being built in Nizhny Novgorod for the Black Sea fleet. Another two are under construction in Vladivostok for the Pacific fleet. The Vladivostok lead tanker was laid on September 1, 2016. The Navy is forming the crew for the Vice Admiral Paromov. It is expected to join the fleet in 2020, however a delay is possible. In this case, the St. Andrew’s flag will be hoisted in early 2021, Defense Ministry sources said in May 2020.

# Name Builder Laid
Launch Comm Decomm Notes
1 Vice Admiral Paromov Nizhny
01 Sep

2 Nizhny



3 Vladivostok


4 Vladivostok



Dead weight:approx.1,560
at max draft 5.0 m, t
Length, m 75
Beam, m 15.4
Draft, m approx. 5.0
Range, n.miles approx.1,500
Endurance (defined by food reserve), days approx.30
Dead weight composition:
bunker fuel, t 200
diesel fuel, t 400
fresh water, t 500
oily water, t 100
sanitary sewage, t 100
other cargoes, t 50
own reserves, t approx.235
Passenger seats8
Complement 24

Project 03182 Project 03182 Project 03182 Project 03182 Project 03182 Project 03182

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