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ROK Navy Organization - 2002

HQ, ROK Navy
Fleet Weather Center
Combat Development Group
Meteorological & Hydrographic Sect.
ROK Navy HospitalPohang
HQ, Navy Operations Command Chinhae NB
HQ, 1st Fleet Donghae, Kangwan
1st Fleet Decontamination Unit
11 DD/FF Squadron
12 DD/FF Squadron
13 DD/FF Squadron
101 Coastal Defense Squadron
102 Coastal Defense Squadron
111 Coastal Defense Unit
121 Coastal Defense Unit
181 Coastal Defense Unit
191 Coastal Defense Unit
HQ, 2nd Fleet Pyongtaek, Kyonggi
2nd Fleet Decontamination Unit
21 DD/FF Squadron
22 DD/FF Squadron
23 DD/FF Squadron
201 Coastal Defense Squadron
202 Coastal Defense Squadron
211 Coastal Defense Unit
212 Coastal Defense Unit
HQ 3rd FleetPusan Special City
3rd Fleet Decontamination Unit
301 DD/FF Squadron
302 DD/FF Squadron
303 DD/FF Squadron
305 Coastal Defense Unit
306 Coastal Defense Unit
5th Flotilla
51 Squadron -Service Force AOE-57
52 Squadron -Mine Warfare Force ML + MHC + MSC
    521 MS Unit
    522 MS Unit
    Mine Assembly Unit
53 Squadron -Amphibious Force
    Amphibious Unit LST-681 + LST-671
    Assault Craft Unit LCU + LCM-8 + LCAC
    Beachmaster Unit
55 Squadron -Salvage Force ASR ATS + ATF
    Special Salvage Unit
56 Squadron -Special Operations Force
    Swimmer Delivery Vehicle Unit Dolgorae & Dolphin
    Small Boat Unit small hovercraft
6th Flotilla Pohang AB
613 Squadron P-3C Update II
623 Squadron Alouette III
627 Squadron Super Lynx Mk 99
9th Flotilla KSS-I Changbogo


  • This order of battle could not have been constructed without the aid and knowledge of Keith Rowe and Dan Allmacher, who quite literally have the best informed presentation on the ROK's Order of Battle, outside a government.
  • AsianDefense Group @ Yahoo Groups -- This site has quite a bit of discussion regarding Korea including the writings and documents of Keith Rowe and Dan Allmacher
  • Brian Taehyun Kim's Website

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