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Kang Keong / Swallow Class MHC

In 1986 South Korea's Kangnam Shipbuilding Corporation began construction of the Swallow [Chebi] class minehunter, which was based on the Italian-designed Lerici-class. At that time, the South Korean navy had only eight United States-produced Kunsan-class minesweepers in service with the three fleets. The Swallow-class minehunter had new types of sonar and mine countermeasure equipment that was expected to improve the navy's capability to locate and to eliminate minefields in international shipping lanes during wartime.

The mission of this ship is Minehunting to proceed maritime operation support. The MHC (Minehunter costal) is Very low-magnetic signature ship with an enhanced minehunting capaility. This ship must be equipped with unusually sensitive gear for the detection of sea mines. Also this ship has the option to carry sweep gear and frogmen for mine clearance.

These ships, un-licensed copies of the Italian Lerici class design, were constructed independently by Korea Kangnam Corporation Shipbuilders. They have been designed for the purpose of carrying on the mine hunting mission. First delivered at the end of 1986 for trials and two more with some modifications ordered in 1988 and three more in 1990. A follow-on class will be larger with a variable depth sonar and a fully integrated minehunting system.

Also this "MHC" class Mine Hunter was designed and built in accordance with most-up graded naval standard for anti-shock, anti-magnetic, minimum under water accoustic and electro magnetic interference. Newly introduced facilities ensures perfect quality assurance for the single skin G.R.P. hull structure of this " KMHC" class Mine Hunter.

The ship is 50 meters long overall, maximum beam 8.3 meters and displaces around 470tons. The ship is propelled by 2 MTU diesel engines. Machinery is controlled from the Ship Control Center. Main propulsion power is provided by 2 MTU diesel engines generators. The engines drive two shafts through the gearboxes installed.

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