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Dabur (Hornet)

The Dabur patrol boat was the predecessor to the Super Dvora, which now serves as Israel's primary light patrol craft. The first Dabur patrol boats were manufactured in the 1970s, in both the US and Israel, and were responsible with patrolling the Israeli coastline. The Dabur patrol boat underwent several modifications during the 1980s to increase maneuverability before the Dvora began to supercede it in 1988.

Israel received the Dabur Class Patrol Boats to aid the military's routine security missions. Since then, the Israel Navy has been operating day and night in the defense of Israel's coast. During the 1980's it was decided to improve the standing capability of the Dabur Class Patrol Boats. Various changes were then implemented in its maneuvering and speed capabilities. The importance of the Dabur Class Patrol Boat in the defense field is unquestionable. the Dabur naval team has successfully thwarted dozens of terrorist attacks and sunk many terrorist vessels.

Manufactured in Israel/USA, the DABUR Fast Patrol Boat is a twin crew, diesel powered, fighting craft structured entirely from aluminum. The DABUR is in active service during the Yom Kippur War where its high-powered performance and firepower capabilities were amply demonstrated. It is currently being used as a patrol boat guarding Israeli coastal waters, preventing terrorist infiltration and smuggling. Multifunctional capabilities enable it to be used as a fighting craft, coast guard patrol boat, harbor police or patrol boat. Battle-proven, it can be fitted with a 25 mm mini-typhoon gun controlled by an electro-optic director.

The Israeli Navy's need for constant modernization of its combat platforms and systems makes it possible for SIBAT to offer excess inventory. High performance, highly integrated combat systems comprising small to medium sized vessels with exceptional weapons-per-ton ratio are offered at competitive prices. Moreover, customers are offered the Total Package Approach to assure self sustained operation and comprehensive after sales support.

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