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Dvora / Super Dvora

In 1988, the Dvora Class Patrol Boats joined the growing Israel Navy fleet. While the ship was constructed according to the Dabur Class Patrol Boat design, its two meters longer and much quicker in speed. The troops serving in the Dvora boats are imbued with a spirit of comradeship, pride and high levels of motivation.

In January 2002, the Israeli Navy announced plans to acquired eight new Fast Patrol Boats (FPB) including six Super Dvora Mk III and two Shaldag II FPBs. The navy had options to order two more Shaldag [Kingfisher] boats. Deliveries were scheduled for late 2003. This order was a part of a US$40 million fleet modernization program that comprised replacement of older Dvora class FPBs with new Israel Shipyards Shaldag II and IAI/Ramta Super Dvora Mk III types which were improved versions of the Dvora class then in service. Both vessels were faster than existing FPBs in Israel Navy service, and capable of operations at extended ranges of up to 700 nautical miles. In September 2006 the Israeli Navy (IN) ordered seven new Fast Patrol Boats from IAI/Ramta and Israel Shipyards, to replace obsolete Dvora and Dabur FPBs. The new order includes Super Dvora Mk III and Shaldag II FPBs.

Super Dvora Class of Multi-Mission Patrol & Attack Boats The ideal purpose designed platform to accomplish the diverse variety of missions of off-shore patrol, EEZ control, law enforcement, naval intelligence, command & control, interdiction and boarding of suspect targets, as well as non-military missions such as search & rescue, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief. The Super Dvora class is fast and agile, and designed to attain and sustain high operating tempos. Its hull geometry provides stable seakeeping at all speeds, and a dry deck during high-speed runs and pursuit.

Because littoral patrol duties, by definition, require high maneuverability and operational proficiency from the shallowest inlets and beaches to the outer limits of maritime boundaries and beyond, the propulsion and steering systems of this class of craft also accommodate extremely shallow draft and beaching operations.

In active service around the globe, the Super Dvora is suitably sized to provide ample fuel reserves, adaptable mission payload (including sensors, weapons, ammunition, countermeasures, etc.), and is ergonomically designed with comfortable crew accommodations and work environments.

Deep sea capable, but specifically designed from the keel up for the full array of littoral, anti-terror, law enforcement and coastal security missions, the latest generation Super Dvora Mk. I, II and III are 'mission agile' providing 'flexibility in command decisions'.

In 1996 the Super Dvora Class Fast Patrol, an updated and improved version of the Dvora Class Patrol Boat was added to the Israel Navy fleet. The patrol boats are equipped with precise long range cannons. The Super Dvora is a high-speed patrol and attack craft designed and built by Israel Aircraft Industries-Ramta. The Super Dvora is capable of conducting all-weather surveillance, search and rescue, and patrolling duties. Since its initial design, the Super Dvora has gone through several upgrades including the Super Dvora Mk II and Mk III. The Super Dvora can accommodate up to a 30 mm cannon, or various caliber machine guns.

The first Super Dvora MK-3 waterjet-powered fast patrol craft began sea trials in early 2008. In its maiden sea trial, the waterjet-powered fast patrol craft attained a top speed of 48.3 knots in seasonal waters reaching Sea State 3 (wave heights of 3.5 ft). The Super Dvora MK-3 is designed and produced by the Ramta Division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), located in Beer Sheva, Israel. The craft being tested was the first waterjet powered craft of the Super Dvora MK-3 class.

In October 2013 Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) Ramta division won a contract to supply three Super Dvora Mk 3 fast patrol boats to the Israel Navy. The boats, to be provided to the Israel Navy represent the fourth generation of boats of this type, and were developed in close cooperation between IAI and the Israel Navy using lessons learned operationally. The boats include an advanced propulsion system to allow sharp and quick maneuvering as well as unique speed tailored to various modern threats and are equipped with a variety of combat, detection, defense and attack capabilities. The Super Dvoras incorporate these features in their relatively small dimensions, while maintaining operational flexibility, the crew's safety and survivability of the vessel. This contract is a continuation of a previous order of four ships, a strong indication of the Israel Navy's high degree of satisfaction from the vessel, its operational capabilities and Ramta's advanced design and production capacity. These boats will join over forty boats, which, starting from the Dabur, in the seventies, were supplied to the Israel Navy.

The Super Dvora Mk 3, an advanced development of the Ramta Division, is a mainstay of the Israel Navy's ongoing security activities. The boat is used for patrol, and other operations, protection of Israel's coasts and strategic assets at sea and along all of its coasts, prevention of terrorist activities and infiltration, as well as preventing smuggling and all illegal activity in Israel's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and more.

The craft are available with a choice of propulsion options, using either state-of-the-art articulating surface drives (ASD) as incorporated in the first six Super Dvora MK-3's and dozens of other Mark-2's and "Dabur" class craft from IAI/Ramta, or waterjet propulsion. "The selection of propulsion systems for our craft, whether waterjets or ASD, has always been the customer's decision", says Dr. Daniel Seren, chief naval architect of IAI/Ramta and head of its naval systems businesses. "We're very pleased with the achievements of the first Mark-3 waterjet craft in its first time out in relatively stormy conditions".

The waterjet powered Super Dvora MK-3 is 27.4 meters (90 ft.) in length, 5.7 meters (18.7 ft.) at its beam and has a displacement ranging up to 72 tonnes. The craft uses two MTU4000M90 diesel engines driving two Ka Me Wa 63SII waterjets. The craft possesses a very lethal precision strike capability using the Rafael, Ltd. "Typhoon" stabilized 25mm cannon slaved to an IAI Tamam Division POP-300 day/night mast-mounted optronic payload. The craft excels in high-speed maneuverability in both shallow and deep water, and has a range of over 1,250 nautical miles. The Super Dvora MK-3 was designed in its entirety around advanced human engineering, and has a proven very low life-cycle cost to operate and maintain.

The Super Dvora is considered to be one of the world's most advanced vessels in the fast attack craft category, due to the high speed it is capable of reaching, as well as its advanced detection, navigation, communication capabilities, and precision fire measures. The Super Dvora's operational features allow for naval superiority in the close combat arena. Its high capabilities and reliability were proven in various ongoing operational activities of the Israel Navy as well as with many other navies around the world.

By 2013 the Super Dvora Mk 3 was being evaluated for use in several countries for protection of strategic facilities within their EEZ, and as a countermeasure against any hostile marine activity. IAI's Ramta, with its accumulated experience of some forty years has designed and manufactured over 120 boats to various customers around the world, along with aerial, ground and other systems.

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