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LPD KRI 972 Tanjung Dalpele
APCR 990 KRI Dr. Soeharso
(Multi-Task Ship / Hospital Ship)

KRI Dr Soeharso is a versatile ship that serves as the ship auxiliary transport personnel (BAP), ship auxiliary Hospital (BRS) as well as be able to land two types of Super Puma helicopters. The ship was initially a Landing Platform Dock, the KRI 972 Tanjung Dalpele. Daewoo International signed a contract worth $50 million in 2000 to provide a multi-purpose hospital ship and tug boats to the Indonesian navy. Shipbuilding and ship production Daesun Eng. Co. Ltd Pusan of South Korea delivered the USD $35 million ship to Indonesia on 21 September 2003. The KRI Tanjung Dalpele was Indonesia's most modern and prominent warships.

KRI 972 Tanjung Dalpele was classified as an LPD - Landing Platform Dock. The large number of islands and vast amounts of coastline demands an extensive amphibious capability, for disaster relief at least, as well as internal security and defense needs. The tsunami emphasized the need for these ships, as there would have been a much more effective response to the disaster if they had already been in service.

The name of the Tanjung Dalpele is taken from an island located in the easternmost Islands in the province of Papua. The name of the Cape is enshrined as the name because in that place volunteers who made up the best of Indonesia willingly sacrificed themselves in the Command operation to relieve Trikora Irian Barat. Along with the needs of the TNI AL in General in the exercise of the tasks of the State, TNI AL ordered two more units like this ship that were given the names KRI Makassar and KRI Surabaya.

Seventeen warships from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, sailing in formation, passed the 'KRI Tanjung Dalpele' on July 21, 2004 in a clear show of force as the three countries' navies began a coordinated patrol aimed at stamping out piracy in the Strait of Malacca. Launching the Malsindo, a 24/7 all-year round operation, Indonesia's Military Commander Gen. Endriartono Sutarto said the door was open for other countries that have an interest in the safety and security of the strait, a vital international shipping lane, to take part either directly or indirectly.

On 19 September 2005 in the Arafuru Sea, which is part Indonesian, part Timorese and part Australian, the KRI Tanjung Dalpele fired ten 20mm rounds directly at the Chinese fishing vessel MV Fu Yuan Yu (Fuyuan 123) killing one civilian fisherman and injuring two others. The Chinese boat had an expired permit to fish in Indonesian waters and allegedly fled when it saw the navy vessel. The Indonesian government said proper procedures were followed by the warship, after radio and light signals were ignored by the Chinese boat, as were three warning shots. The Indonesians confirm that a total of thirteen 20mm rounds were fired, the first three were warning shots, the others directly at the fishing vessel itself. Captain Melis from the Indonesian Eastern Fleet Navy information office in Surabaya, East Java said the gun was fired at the side of the Chinese vessel which suddenly veered as if trying to collide with the warship. The incident took place when the KRI Tanjung Dalpele came upon four boats believed to be illegally fishing in the Arafura Sea between Indonesia's Papua and Maluku provinces. Yu Hongyao, an official at the Chinese embassy in Jakarta told the China Daily the Chinese government was "astonished and strongly dissatisfied" with the actions of the Indonesian navy.

APCR 990 KRI Dr. Soeharso
(Multi-Task Ship / Hospital Ship)

Later the role for this ship was changed to a Hospital Ship, and the ship was renamed KRI Dr Soeharso with pennant number 990 on 01 August 2007. The name of Dr. Soeharso taken from the name of a doctor orthopaedi (surgeons bones) and Prof. Dr. Soeharso same name with the name orthopaedi and rehabilitation hospital in Solo. He had many contributors during the independence struggle helps rehabilitate the fighters are helpful and experienced members of the disability movement of hands and feet due to warfare.

This ship displaces 11,394 tons light and 16,000 tons full displacement. The ship is 122 meters long, has a width of 10 meters, a draft of 6.7 meters and has a long and wide deck so that it is able to operate the two Super puma helicopter classmate at once. The ship is also equipped with a helicopter hangar to hold another one and also perform maintenance on the helicopter. As a hospital ship, has provided 1 ER room, 6 space polyclinics, and 2 treatment rooms with a capacity of each of the 20 beds. This ship has a crewe of 75, 65 medical staff and able to accommodate 40 patients hospitalization. In a pinch, KRI DR. Soeharso also can accommodate 400 troops and 3,000 passengers.

In its function as ships, ship is capable of carrying 14 trucks/tank with weights per truck/tank 8 ton, 3 Super Puma helicopter type, 2 Landing Craft units (LCU) types of 23 meter length, and 1 hovercraft. The ship is equipped weapon SAK 40 mm Bofors Cannon L/70 1 helm, 2 tops Canon Penangkis aerial assault (PSU) Rheinmetall 20 mm, and 2 pieces of 12.7 mm machine gun.

Hospital ships are governed by the "Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked Members of Armed Forces at Sea" of August 12, 1949. Under Article 22, "Military hospital ships" are defined as "ships built or equipped by the Powers specially and solely with a view to assisting the wounded, sick and shipwrecked, to treating them and to transporting them..." The is marked in accordance with Article 41, which provides that ".. the emblem of the red cross on a white ground shall be displayed on the flags, armlets and on all equipment employed in the Medical Service..." and Article 43, which requires that "All exterior surfaces shall be white. One or more dark red crosses, as large as possible, shall be painted and displayed on each side of the hull and on the horizontal surfaces, so placed as to afford the greatest possible visibility from the sea and from the air." Hospital ships were also required to steam independent of combatant vessels, to be without weapons, and without use of encrypted communications. Only the later of these three restrictions is actually in the Geneva Convention. But the Dr. Soeharso is not painted white, retains the same armaments as did the KRI Tanjung Dalpele, and is clearly intended to operate in conjunction with Indonesia's other LPDs.

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