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Indigenous Light/Medium Tank

PT Pindad has embarked on an indigenous light/medium tank design for the Indonesian Army, TNI-AD. It has been repeatedly reported that PT Pindad will make a medium tank to fill the needs of the army. However, there are various ideas as to what medium tanks might be made by Pindad. In April 2013, the company unveiled a plan to built a light/medium tank based on the Alvis Scorpion CRV and Rheinmettal Marder IFV. The medium tank will be equipped with anti-tank missiles or 105mm gun.

President Director of PT Pindad sister Avianto Soedarsono has said Pindad tank was powered 500 horsepower and weighs about 28-30 tons. Vice-chairman of the House Committee 1, TB Hasanuddin, has said "The prototype tank was finished and already the road. The result fits, why not develop. Live now said okay, make that a lot, "said TB Hasanuddin. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Pramono Edhie Wibowo also talked about Pindad medium tank. "Pindad only being able to develop the tank level. For heavy tanks we have not been able to. TNI is working with PT Pindad develop the existing tank, "said Army Chief of Staff. Supposedly it was tangible prototype for the year 2008, the President requested PT Pindad make Tanks for the army. Recent information published on the Ministry of Defence is, PT Pindad cooperation with South Korea to make tanks / Infantry Fighting Vehicle K-21 turret mounted 90mm from CMI Belgium.

The Director of Manufacturing Products Tri Hardjono stated in 2012 that: "PT Pindad would develop Canon Panzer Anoa 6x6, to include Cavalry (Canon 90 mm) and Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Canon 20 mm)". The sentence can be interpreted Pindad will make Panzer Tarantula / Black Fox with Canon 90mm CSE Belgium. Canon 20mm IFV Tank may means a kind of South Korea's K-21. He also said that "PT Pindad retrofit program will also run AMX-13 tank on wheels for increased mobility chain, Attack power, optical functions, and communication". This sentence is clear, and the AMX-13 have been retrofited by Pindad. "In addition, PT Pindad will rejuvenate medium tank with an estimated price per unit of Rp 35 billion."

Russia is ready to assist Indonesia in designing a new tank, Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport said 12 November 2012. Russian combat vehicle designers were taking part in an international defense fair held in Jakarta. "Indonesia is interested in designing a new light tank. Of course, we could help," Nikolai Dimidyuk, Rosoboronexport's director for special affairs, told local media. The first step, according to Dimidyuk, would be to hold a gathering of designers from the two countries in the South Urals city of Kurgan, whose Kurganmashzavod machinery plant is expected to be the site of related construction and designing works. "Building of the armored vehicles is not a simple business," Interfax news agency quoted Dimidyuk as saying.

In Indonesia, almost all tracked vehicle are called a Tank, including an armored gun system (for direct support of infantry, not head on assault, due to limited armor protection), in this case an APC with a gun turret mounted on it.


Turkey and Indonesia agreed during the Turkish 2013 International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) in Istanbul [IDEF13] arms exhibition in May 2013 to jointly develop a new medium tank. It is unclear the extent to which the collaboration with Turkish industries would influence on the initial design plan. Under the deal, Ankara-based, privately owned armored vehicles maker FNSS Defence Systems [a joint venture between BAE Systems, Inc. and Nurol Holding of Turkey] would work with Indonesias state-owned arms maker, PT Pindad. The co-production project was to come into shape within four years. Indonesia set the period of three to five years for the eventual production of the light/medium tank. The first stage will see both companies submitting proposals on cooperation required to design and jointly produce the tank. It was reported that the design for the light/medium tank will be concluded this year while the prototype is scheduled to be rolled off next year.

new medium tankThe Pindad-made medium tank was to be completed in the year 2016. Pindad hoped that medium tanks can help the needs of replacing the main weapon system systems of TNI that have aged. The development of this design tank does not refer to ACV-300 or other Turkish-made tanks as conveyed by Kadispen TNI AD Brigjen Andika Perkasa.

In February 2014 the governments of Turkey and Indonesia signed an agreement on the joint development of a new medium tank. The new combat vehicle will go into service with the Indonesian Army. The Turkish tanker FNSS Savunma Sistemieri and the Indonesian PT Pindad will participate in the development of the middle tank.

It was expected the new tank will be created according to the classic layout. The armament of the machine will be represented by a 105 mm rifled cannon and a twin machine gun of 7.62 mm caliber. The fighting mass of the tank will be about 25 tons. Preliminary work on the design of a prospective combat vehicle was conducted in Turkey and Indonesia in 2013, but their details were not specified.

The government was preparing seven programs of defense industry independence (INhan) namely Development of Combat Aircraft (KFX / IFX), Rocket and Missile National, Missile Guard (PKR), Submarine, Propelan Industrial Development, National Radar and National Tank. In accordance with Law No. 16 of 2012 on Inhan, for Lead Integrator entrusted to the state-owned enterprise incorporated in the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Strategic Industries. One such company is PT Pindad, which was entrusted to handle the National Tank program.

Director of Operations of HPS Pindad, Tri Hardjono said it has prepared the concept of making armored combat vehicles. The initial concept will be to build a medium size tank with a number of foreign partners, one of which is the Turkish Military FNSS Contractor Company. In accordance with geographical conditions, the weight of the selected tank shall not exceed 30 tons. "That medium tank we are asked to coordinate all the activities, engineering design and sourching hungan that we do with FNSS. The plan is joint research and sharing products together. Hope Pindad have experts, both in the country and the surrounding area, "said Tri in his office, Bandung, West Java.

For Turret system, PT Pindad prepared 3 choices of Cockerill Maintenance & Ingenierie (CMI) Belgium, Oto Melara from Italy and Denel Land System from South Africa. "There are also some alternatives, because we have decided the medium tankis using 105mm, we have three alternatives that can supply 105 mm. There is CMI, Oto Melara, or Denel. We also ask the ministry to KKIP to the users regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each of these turret canons," said Tri.

"Partners already have some alternatives. There are 3 options for engines. In accordance with experience, we are easier to use European products. There they already have various variants, where the engine is also used for commercial," he added.

In addition to the weight of the main requirement, a number of pre-requisites must also be filled designers of PT Pindad and FNSS like the silhouette. This is done so that the tank easily hide while in the battlefield. "The concept of the product from Pindad, we've given the designs that the height can not be more than 2.5 meters above the canon like so from Pindad. Then, what kind of performance is also from Indonesia. That's what we developed in cooperation with them, that is the determination of sourching sources such as Power Pack Engine. Itukan very decisive later on and maintenance and so forth. It also gives us input," he explained.

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