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Kaplan-MT Modern Medium Weight Tank MMWT

The Indonesian Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT) Program stands out as it is the first Government-to-Government (G2G) cooperation project in the Turkish Land Platforms Sector. The conceptual design of the KAPLAN MT Harimau (Tiger) MMWT was completed and was revealed during the Indo Defence 2016 Fair held in Jakarta, Indonesia in November 2016. The first prototype developed and manufactured by FNSS in Ankara, Turkey underwent qualification trials in Indonesia, which was unveiled at the IDEF 17 Exhibition in Istanbul and also participated in the Army Day Parade in Indonesia on October 5, 2017. PT PINDAD engineers, who have been trained in the engineering development and manufacture phases of the first prototype at FNSS, also completed the production of the second prototype in Indonesia with support from FNSS. The qualification of the two MMWT prototypes as well as firing trials and durability tests were completed in 2018.

KAPLAN MT is the first medium weight tank to be certified by the Indonesian Army and qualified for serial production. Following the successful completion of live firing tests and mobility trials FNSS and PT PINDAD initiated negotiations towards the serial production of KAPLAN MT MMWT platforms, which the Indonesian Government indicates a keen interest in. During IDEF 19, where FNSS displayed the KAPLAN MT MMTW equipped with Aselsans AKKOR PULAT APS against increasing ATGM threats to tanks in the battlefield, on April 30, 2019 a Long-Term Contract on the Serial Production of KAPLAN MT (Harimau/Tiger) MMTW was signed between FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.S. and PT Pindad. The contract covers the procurement and delivery of 18 KAPLAN MT Harimau MMWTs to the Indonesian Land Forces within two years.

Based on the FNSS KAPLAN-30 chassis and dubbed the Harimau (Tiger) by Indonesia, MMWT design comprises advanced ballistic and mine protection with a broad range of firepower, from close support of infantry to anti-armor. The KAPLAN MT Harimau MMWT is fitted with CMIs Cockerill 3105 (CT-CV 105HP) turret armed with a 105mm L-53 CV rifled gun and a coaxial 7,62mm machine gun and for ease of deployment in jungles/tropical forests and the soft grounds of Indonesia, the vehicle has a combat weight of 35 tons. Since the main gun uses an autoloader (with 12 rounds ready to fire) the KAPLAN MT Harimau MMWT has a three-man crew. The 7m long and 3.2m wide and 2.7m height KAPLAN MT Harimau MMWT has a top speed of 70km/h on roads and a cruising range of 450km, with on-board fuel. In order to have a minimum power to weight ratio of 20hp/tons, the KAPLAN MT Harimau MMWT is believed to be powered by a 700hp class power pack.

FNSS of Turkey and PT.Pindad of Indonesia advanced on their Joint Development 30- to 35-ton Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT) project. The MMWT program is supported by an intergovernmental agreement between Indonesia and Turkey signed in November 2014. The MMWT was designed as a tank from the outset, unlike the competitors in other countries that were initially designed as armored combat vehicles (ACV). The CV-90120 T light tank, developed on the CV-90 APC platform, or the Marder light tank based on the Marder APC, are examples of such platforms. These are vehicles with a design weight ranging between 20 to 25 tons, supporting a load between 30 and 35 tons, equipped with armor kits and heavier weapon systems.

FNSS launched its first MMWT prototype at the IDEF exhibition in Turkey in May 2017. The ready-for-testing prototype was on display at IDEF 2017 and was shipped to Indonesia to begin testing in September 2017. Through arrangements with FNSS - a joint venture between Turkey's Nurol Holding and BAE Systems UK group - PT Pindad will have a responsibility to market MMWT to export markets in Asia-Pacific, while FNSS plans to export products to markets in Africa.

By 2018 the tank jointly developed by a Turkey-based defense company and its Indonesian partner was ready for mass production. Turkeys FNSS Savunma Sistemleri (FNSS) General Director Nail Kurt said in an interview on 05 September 2018 that the KAPLAN MT tank successfully passed the required qualification tests in Indonesia. The tank was successful in tests conducted to gauge its durability and shots, which stretched over nearly three months, Kurt said.

The Kaplan MT went on display during a parade held on the occasion of the Indonesian National Armed Forces Day on 05 October 2018. PT Pindad announced in July 2018 that company was close to starting Kaplan MT production at a new factory in Indonesia, which series production expects will begin in 2019. The Tank program was in an advanced development phase, with PT Pindad having conducted ballistic and mine explosion tests featuring a MMWT hull prototype in Bandung, Indonesia, on 12 July 2018. After the trial, PT Pindad said that MMWT will now be prepared for the Indonesian National Army, especially the Army. The company added, "[The program] will then proceed to the production stage to meet the modernization needs of the Indonesian National Army and export markets." Ade Bagdja, director of technology and development at PT Pindad, expects that the company will produce at least 100 MMWT units for the Indonesian Armed Forces. The new tank will replace the fleet of lightly-flown AMX-13 French tankers, which initially number more than 300.

The conceptual design of MMWT was completed and revealed during Indo Defense 2016, International Tri-Service Defence Expo & Forum, from 25 November at the Jakarta, Indonesia. Turkey and Indonesia initiated the project to develop MMT in 2014. The production of the first prototype has already started. FNSS and PT Pindad make up the prime contractors of the project, whose intellectual property rights will be owned by the two countries.

MMWT design comprises advanced ballistic and mine protection with broad range of fire power, from close support of infantry to anti-armour. MMWTs precision direct fire capability ensures required lethality with an outstanding tactical ands trategic mobility. The As fully stabilised turret can fire effectively when the vehicle is on the move. The turret is also equipped with day/night imaging systems and a fire control computer as standard. Reloading the main weapon is performed by an auto-loader located behind the turret. The system is capable of firing indirectly up to 10 km thanks to the +42 degree elevation angle, meaning the gun can funciton as a light-artillery system as needed.

Rear configuration power pack of the vehicle is combined with advanced electronic controlled systems and heavy duty suspension system. The vehicles new generation engine supplies adequate power, coupled with a fully automatic electronic controlled transmission, which results in a minimum of 20hp/ton ratio, depending on the configurable protection system. MMWT gets its advanced mobility capability from 6 wheeled suspension system built on torsion bars with double pinned tracks.

The Power pack of the vehicle is equipped with high capacity cooling pack and fuel tanks. The cooling pack is cooled by an intelligent software driven hydraulic fan for optimum torque extraction and fuel economy. This vehicle was designed for the tropical climate of Southeast Asia. The diesel or turbine engines in modern armored vehicles generate maximum output when operating at a specific temperature range. A robust cooling systems ensures that excess heat is removed, which can make a significant difference in engine performance when air temperatures are high and it is more difficult to remove the heat.

and two separate fuel tanks provide a minimum operating range of 450km. An auxiliary power unit enables turret operation when vehicle engine is not running, by charging the battery system. Advanced battery monitoring system is also equipped for optimum power management and Silent Watch capabilities.

The interior of the vehicle is engineered carefully considering ergonomics of crew and different tactical and battlefield conditions including driving, firing and ammuniti on load and unload. Special type of driver seat enables operator to have adequate field of view with accessibility to all cabin equipment.

MMWT comprises state of art modern technology platform with superior fire power supported with battle field management and laser warning systems, providing tactical awareness to the commander. It will have highend mine and ballistic protection in its class and in this sense MMWT guarantees required fire support against battlefield threats with speed of response at a very short notice, providing superior survivability and mobility on the battlefield.

MMWT brings new technologies and innovative fighting skills to the battlefield. MMWT direct-fire combat roles may include: combat operations against medium and light armor, including; IFVs, APCs, reconnaissance vehicles, combat support vehicles, armored engineering vehicles, artillery equipment, recovery vehicles and logistic support vehicles, and fire support tasks against; dismounted infantry, logistic support sites and defensive positions.

For these roles, the MMWT combines an effective direct-fire weapon with a capable sighting system. This combination enables MMWT to achieve first round hits at battle at long ranges. The tank can fire both AP and HE ammunitions, as well employ secondary weapons such as 50-cal or 7.62 mm MGs for medium-range area shots and close-range self-defence.

Although medium tanks are seen as a no-match forheavy main battle tanks (MBTs) in the 60-70 tonnes range, utilizing its stealth and mobility, MMWT can be tasked against MBTs in specific scenarios, such as mobile screening operations, flank attacks, ambush attacks, emergency delaying operations and support of friendly MBTs. Moreover, MMWTs tend to be more easily transported and, once on the battlefield, have very good tactical mobility together with a reasonable level of armor and capable weapons.

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