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Pindad Anoa 6×6 Panzer APS (angkut personel sedang)-3

The Anoa was based on French Renault VAB (Vehicule de I’Avant Blinde) armored personnel carrier in 2006. Contrary to some reports, the Doosan Armored Wheeled Family (AWV) known as Black Fox is not the basis of Indonesia's Anoa and Tarantula IFVs. The word ‘panser’ used in Indonesian derives from Dutch or German word ‘panzer’ that means tank or armoured vehicle. In Indonesia, however, it describe the wheeled armored vehicle. Meanwhile, tracked armored vehicle still called tank as in english, even tracked armored personnel carriers.

ANOA is an armored military vehicle made by PT Pindad (Persero), Indonesia. The ANOA name itself is taken from the name Anoa buffalo that live on the island of Sulawesi. ANOA APS-3 is different from its predecessor (APS-1 and APS-2) that were developed from commercial trucks. “Anoa” used a monocoque armored body design, and a torsion bar suspension system that was developed for this APC. Engine and transmission use Renault products from France. Panzer can carry 10 personnel with 3 crew, 1 driver 1 commander and 1 gunner. The driver sits on the right and the commander sits on the left of the vehicle, which is equipped with 12.7mm mounte arm which can rotate 360 degrees.

In 2006, PINDAD and BPPT started developing APS-3 not only able to maneuver on land but also in shallow waters and lakes. This development produces a 4x4 variant made for the Police [about which little more was heard], and further refined the ability to apply the amphbious 6x6 variant. The first prototypes were shown to the public on the 61st anniversary of TNI on October 5, 2006 at TNI headquarters, Cilangkap.

The first prototype trials conducted in early 2007, and on August 10, 2008, 10 APS-3 armored ANOA were first produced. PINDAD APS-3 is shown officially to the public at the Indo Defence & Aerosace 2008 on 19 November to 22 November, 2008 after the military is shown in a military parade on October 5, 2008, and as many as 150 pieces were to be produced for the Army. Pindad received an injection of funds loan from Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI and Bank BRI as part of payments for manufacturing the Panzer-Panzer. The armored units have price Rp 5.5 billion or lower than Rp10 billion worth of French production.

By February 2010, PINDAD had delivered a total of 93 units in three different stages or phases. In the first stage of delivery, PT Pindad delivered 20 APS-2 (6 × 6) to the Indonesian Ministry of Defence in February 2009. The second stage Followed on 7 July, 2009 when PT Pindad delivered a further 40 (6 × 6) to the Ministry of Defence. On 13 January 2010, PINDAD delivered 33 Panzer 6×6 to the Indonesian Ministry of Defence. Out of the 33 APCs, 20, will be used by the Indonesian Army, while the rest were planned to be deployed in Lebanon for peacekeeping duties.

Since 9 April 2010 13 ANOA were used to escort the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon with Mechanised Battalion Task Force TNI Garuda Contingent XXIII-D/UNIFIL. On 15 November 2011 the 6x6 variant ANOA using Heavy Machine Gun armament 7.62 mm were used as fighting vehicles to patrol and guard ring at the ASEAN Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali. ANOA also used by Paspampres to escort the president visits. In addition to official events, ANOA also used for securing the car-free day at the roundabout.

Because ANOA good performance and independence of defense equipment programs are being promoted by the Department of Defense PINDAD continued development of combat vehicles from template-based variant ANOA like logistics, recovery, ambulance or variants combatants who no longer categorized as a personnel transport vehicles such as IFV and ANOA ANOA canon. On the visit of Deputy Minister of Defence of Indonesia, Syafrie SYAMSUDIN on December 20, 2011, has raised the latest manifestation of the variant variant ANOA canon (which is updated).

In terms of design, it is an "adapted" design made by GIAT French armored vehicles. But Anoa presented with refinement, in addition to a better suspension, Anoa dome has a separate place next shooter. Compare the VAB, dome shooter SMB (heavy machine gun) right next to the driver, of course it is less ergonomic position for the shooter. For this reason, improvements in Anoa. As a result the size Anoa little longer than the VAB. Still there are other differences, when using the steering wheel left VAB (European standard), then Anoa adopt the right position on the steering wheel (standard Indonesian). Anoa uses the same engine type with VAB, the Renault MIDR 062 045 inline 6 cylinder turbo-charged diesel. Certainly cmoponents still must be imported from France. Similarly, the use of Independent suspension, torsion bars are still imported.

This armored personnel carrier) with a 6 wheel symmetrical drive system was designed specifically for the needs of the Army weaponry especially cavalry, size and operations adjusted to the shape of the TNI and TNI combat doctrine and tactics. The APS-3 production has a maximum vehicle weight of 14 tons with a monocoque body made of bullet-proof plate thickness 8 mm to 10 mm. Despite the weight, it can go 90km/jam APCs, has a turning radius of 10 meters, with the grade ability of 31 degrees. This combat vehicles is equipped special equipment such as night vision and the means 6 ton winch. For there is a communication tool set plus intercom VHF / FM (anti-jamming and hopping) and GPS. Panzer personnel who serve as public transport is capable of carrying 15 soldiers and eight glass equipped reconnaissance. For weapons, there are two options offered, the grenade launcher AGL 40 or 12.7 mm SMB. To avoid ambush opponents, Anoa is also equipped with smoke grenade launcher 2 x3 66 mm. Also, by arming these vehicles with a 90mm main gun and a 7.62mm machine gun, these vehicles possess the fire power capable of attacking dense enemy units as well as enemy tanks. At the same time, they are known as combat armored vehicles that can be operated for guerilla search and destroy operations.

And, no less important, Anoa received international recognition, is evidenced by the interest from Oman, Malaysia, Nepal, and Bangladesh to buy Anoa.

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