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Nag (Cobra) Stand-off Anti-Tank (SANT) Guided Missile anti-tank missile

A variant of the HeliNa, called the SANT, or the Standoff Anti-tank Guided Missile, which has an extended range of 25 kms, is under testing. Developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the Indian Air Force (IAF), the surface-to-air missile boasts of both, Lock-on After Launch and Lock-on Before Launch capabilities. An upgraded version of anti-tank missile - Helicopter Launched Nag (HeliNa), the SANT missile is equipped with an advanced nose-mounted seeker the missile can destroy targets 15 km to 20 km away. While the earlier version of the missile has a strike range of about eight km, the upgraded variant with infrared imaging seeker can cover at least double the distance.

A series of successful tests would pave the way for its induction and serial production.During the year 2017, SANT Guided Missile mission-01 campaign was conducted during May 2018 at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan during which successful firing of SANT from Mi-35 helicopter platform was demonstrated. SANT Release Flight Trials (RFT) with mathematical model of seeker was also conducted in Nov 2018 wherein safe separation from Mi-35, transfer alignment algorithm, launch release sequence and latex/roll control auto pilot algorithms was demonstrated. India’s StandOff Anti-Tank Missile (SANT) made an appearance at #DefExpo18. A 12-km range version of the HELINA air to surface munition, the weapon is undergoing carriage trials on IAF Mi-35s.

India successfully test-fired Stand-off Anti-tank (SANT) missile from a roof-top launcher at the Integrated Test Range (ITR) off the coast of Odisha. The test was conducted on 19 October 2020. The missile met all the mission parameters during the test. The designated static target was hit with high accuracy. This was the twelfth missile test India has conducted in the past 45 days. The other missiles tested by India in the last 45 days include Prithvi-II, Shaurya, BrahMos, Anti-Tank Guided Missile, Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo, New Generation Anti-Radiation Missile, Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle and Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile. These tests had been conducted amid worsening tensions in Ladakh.

Stand-off Anti-Tank (SANT) Guided Missile Stand-off Anti-Tank (SANT) Guided Missile Stand-off Anti-Tank (SANT) Guided Missile Stand-off Anti-Tank (SANT) Guided Missile

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