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Nag (Cobra) Dhruvastra / HeliNa (Helicopter-launched Nag) anti-tank missile

Currently under development, the HeliNa is a variant of the Nag range of missiles. The Nag missiles are completely indigenously developed and built. Nag missiles are India's only range of anti-tank missiles. The HeliNa is an upgraded Nag missiles that can be launched from attack helicopters. The current generation of HeliNa is also called the Dhruvastra, and are infrared capable, and can be guided remotely by an operator. Like all Nags, it can also be fired in a way, which allows the pilot to just lock-on to a target, fire the missile and not track the shot.

Helina (Helicopter-launched Nag) is air launched version of the Nag ATGM with extended range. It is designed and developed by Defence Research And Development Organisation (DRDO). It is guided by an Infrared Imaging Seeker (IIR) operating in the Lock- On-Before-Launched(LOBL) mode and Lock-On-After-Launched (LOAL) mode for target engagement. The IIR seeker has a 640512 pixel resolution. It supports both top attack and direct attack. It has completed all its user trials from 2015-2020 and it is ready of induction.

Helina missile was successfully flight tested from Army helicopter in the ranges of Pokhran 19 August 2018. The weapon system has been tested for its full range and was released smoothly from the launch platform. It has tracked the target all through its course and hit it with high precision. All the parameters have been monitored by the telemetry stations, tracking systems and the helicopters. The missile is guided by an Infrared Imaging Seeker (IIR) operating in the Lock on Before Launch mode. It is one of the most advanced Anti-Tank Weapons in the world. Senior officials from DRDO and Indian Army were present during the mission. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has congratulated the DRDO, the IAF, HAL and the Indian Army on the successful tests and said that it will further strengthen the defence capabilities of the country.

Mass 4.3 kg
Length 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Diameter 0.2m (7.9 in)
Engine Solid-propellant rocket booster
Operational range 7 10 km
Maximum speed 828 km/h (230 m/s)
Guidance system Imaging infrared homing

Dhruvastra /  HeliNa (Helicopter-launched Nag) Dhruvastra /  HeliNa (Helicopter-launched Nag) Dhruvastra /  HeliNa (Helicopter-launched Nag) Dhruvastra /  HeliNa (Helicopter-launched Nag) Dhruvastra /  HeliNa (Helicopter-launched Nag)

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