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Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)

Wing Span 8.20 m
Length 13.20 m
Empty Weight 5500 kg
Max. takeoff weight 13,300 kg (29,100 lb)
Engine Prototype - GE F404-F2J3 turbofan rated at 18,097 lbst
Production - Kaveri GTX-35VS turbofan rated at 20,200 lbst
Fuel Capacity Internal fuel capacity - 3000 liters
Centerline and the two-inner hardpoints under each wing can carry five 800 liters fuel tanks
also has an in-flight refuelling probe
Maximum Range ?
Maximum Speed Mach 1.7
Service Ceiling 50,000 feet.
G Limits +9/-3.5
Armament internally mounted GSh-23mm twin barrel gun with 220 rounds of ammunition Seven external hardpoints, can carry air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, anti-ship missiles, rocket launchers and ECM pods
Maximum External Stores Load 4000kg (8818 lbs.)
Self Defence RWR system, jammer and chaff& flare dispensers.

Tejas as a total of 8 hardpoints: 1 beneath the port-side intake trunk, 6 under-wing, and 1 under-fuselage with a capacity of 4000 kg external fuel and ordnance. Any modern fighter is only as good as the weapons she can deliver on target. The Tejas is designed to carry a veritable plethora of air to air, air to surface, precision guided and standoff weaponry. In the air to air arena, the Tejas carries long range beyond visual range weapons, with highly agile high off-boresight missiles to tackle any close combat threat. A wide variety of air to ground munitions and an extremely accurate navigation and attack system allow it to prosecute surface targets over land or at sea with unparalleled accuracy, giving the Tejas true multi/swing role capability.

Stations 6 4 2 7 L 1 3 5

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