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Goa - People

From the the 2011 census, Goas population is 1458545 with 739140 Males and 719405 Females. The growth of 14.8 per cent, during 1991 to 2000, is lower than the 16.08 per cent recorded during 1981 to 1990. The sex-ratio (number of females per thousand males) in Goa is 973 in 2011 compared to 967 in 1991. The density of population per sq km in Goa is 364 in 2001 as compared to 316 in 1991. North Goa has a much higher density (437) as compared to South Goa (300). The national figure is 324.

The literacy rate is 80 per cent. 83.3 per cent of the male and 76.4 per cent of the female population is literate. 64.68 per cent of the population is Hindu, 29.86 per cent is Christian and Muslims are a minority of 5.25 per cent. Around 0.15 to 0.2 million of the total population of 13,43,998 are immigrants from around India who have settled down in Goa.

In major towns, English is widely used in writing and conversation. On the other hand, Portuguese, the language of the colonial rulers and the official language till 1961 before liberation, notwithstanding the official patronage and a compulsory medium of study, failed to make a dent in the mind of the majority of Goans.

It remained only the language of the elite but alienated the masses. Thus just after the departure of the Portuguese, Portuguese lost all its favour and usage. However, very few particularly the older or pre-liberation generation still use Portuguese.

Thus Goa is a multi-lingual state, thanks to its diverse history of thousands of years, which has seen people of various regions, ethnic races and religions from India and abroad coming over to and settling in Goa, while influencing the local language.

The people of Goa are known as 'Goans'. They are peaceful, friendly and fun loving people who love rest. The life style in Goa reflects a unique blend of East and West and the Goans usually comprise of a predominantly Hindu and a Christian population and a small Muslim community.

The people of Goa are very tolerant about religion and often participate in each others festivals. They celebrate Carnival, Shigmo, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturti, Diwali, Eid, New Year and a lot of other festivals. They also consider themselves to be a Goan first and then a Hindu, Christian or Muslim.

The Goans speak Konkani which is the mother tongue of people in each and every part of Goa and is highly responsible for unification of the Goan population. Many people also speak English, Marathi, Hindi and even Portuguese. Portuguese names are also common among the people in Goa due to a strong Portuguese influence that the state displays being a Portuguese colony for 451 years.

The main occupation of the people of Goa is fishing and most of the Goans are fishermen. Now-a-days many people in Goa also contribute to the tourism industry by promoting their hotels, beach resorts and giving houses for rent to the tourists in Goa. Some people also run restaurants that serve some of the best Goan cuisine.

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