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Divizia 2 Infanterie GETICA

The 2nd Division was formed in 2010. It included the 15th Mechanized "Podu Înalt" Brigade previously subordinated to the 4th Division, and the 9 Mechanized Brigade "Marasesti" and 282 Mechanized Brigade, previously subordinated to the 1st Division. The various other support units include both formations drawn from the other two divisions, as well as a few newly formed units. This entailed some additional reassignment of subordinate units - Batalionul 151 Infanterie was moved from 4th Division Brigazii 81 Mecanizata to Brigazii 15 Mecanizata, replacing Batalionul 635 Infanterie.

The 2nd Infantry Division "GETICA" continues the tradition of the 2nd Army, which was founded during World War I, participating in it, and in the Second World War. On the basis of the order No. 40 of the General Headquarters of 15 august 1916, the Army was formed on 18 august 1916. Troops of the 2nd Army participated in fighting in the first world war on the eastern front of the Carpathians in 1916. The 2nd Army faced challenging tasks, participatin in the United offensive at Marasti and in the operation in the summer of 1917. On 01 August 1918, the army received orders for demobilisation.

During the second world war, the second army was involved in combat action during the campaign, both in the East and the West. In June 1947, was created In the Military, with headquarters in Bucharest. On 5 April 1960, it was abolished, being the headquarters of the 2nd Army. In 1980 the headquarters of the 2nd Army moved to Buzau.

In 2000, the headquarters of the 2nd Army was restructured, becoming the Joint Operational Command. In 2001 the Joint Operational Command became and operational command. In 2003 the 2nd Operational Headquarters of the Joint Operational Command became the "Marshal Alexandru Averescu": Corps-level headquarters. In 2008 the Joint Operational Headquarters 2 "Marshal Alexandru Averescu Joint operational command" became the "Marshal Alexandru Averescu" operative level two star command.

In 2010 the "Marshal Alexandru Averescu" Joint Operational Command became the the 2nd Infantry Division "GETICA". Commander of Regional Command South of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), American Major-General James Huggins, in connection with the repatriation of the military of Afghanistan CTF-AH and the composition of the anniversary 10 years since Romania sent troops to Afghanistan and joined the international campaign to combat terrorism, sent a letter of thanks the Commander 2nd Infantry Division "Getica" on 13 June 2012.

The chief source for the early history of the Goths is the Getica (or de origine actibusqtie Getarum) of Jordanes (whom it was formerly usual to call Jornandes, a name which appears only in inferior Mrs.). Jordanes (a Christian name suggesting the river Jordan) was a native of Lower Moesia. and lived in the sixth century in the reign of Justinian. It is not quite certain to what nationality he belonged; but it is less probable that ho was a genuine Goth or even a Teuton than that he was of Alanic descent.

Jordanes wrote his Getica in the year 551. It was unnecessary for him to say that he had no literary training (agrammatut); this fact is written large all over his work. He states that his book was the result of a three days' study of the Gothic History of Cassiodorus the learned minister of Theodoric. The fact is that the Getica is simply an abridgment of the larger work of Cassiodorus (in twelve books); and modern critics (Usener, Hodgkin) not unreasonably question the "three days" of Jordanes. Thus, the narrative of Jordanes, in most cases, is that of Cassiodorus; and the spirit, the tendency of Cassiodorus is faithfully reflected in Jordanes. To praise the Goths, and especially the Amal line to which Theodoric belonged, was the aim of that monarch's minister; Jordanes writes in the same spirit and echoes the antipathy to the Vandals which was expressed by Cassiodorus.

There are, however, also certain original elements in the Getica. There is a significant contrast between the knowledge of the geography of the eastern provinces of the Balkan peninsula and the ignorance of the rest of the empire, which are displayed in this treatise. The stress laid on the Gothic foederati may be attributed rather to the Moesian subject than to the minister of the independent Ostrogothic kingdom.

One of the features of the lost work of Cassiodorus was the manufacture of an ancient history for the Goths by the identifications of that race with the Getae and with the Scythians. It is indeed possible to hold that the Getae were Goths who had migrated southward at a remote period. The second identification was suggested by the geographical comprehensiveness of the term Scythia, which embraced all the peoples of the North before they appeared on the scene of history. These reconstructions are eagerly adopted by Jordanes.

Divizia 2 InfanterieGetica
Batalionul 528 CercetareBatalionul 202 Aparare C.B.R.N.200 Support Battalion
"Vlad Tepes"Poligoane de Instructie si Trageri "Istrita"
47 Communications and Informatics battalion 3rd Engineer Battalion3 Logistics Base
"General Nicolae Petrescu" "General Constantin Poenaru" "Zargidava"
Regimentul 53 Rachete
52 Mixed Artillery
"Tropaeum Traiani""General Alexandru Tell"
Brigada 9 Mecanizata [INACTIVE ?]
Batalionul 282 Infanterie MecanizataBatalionul 280 Infanterie Mecanizata)Batalionul 300 Infanterie Mecanizata
«Unirea Principatelor»«Sfântul Andrei»
Batalionul 284Batalionul 469Divizionul 285 Artilerie Mixta
Brigazii 15 Mecanizata "Podu Înalt"
Batalionul 634 Infanterie BATALIONUL 151 INFANTERIE
[?Batalionul 635 Infanterie?]
Batalionul 631 Tancuri
"Podu Înalt"
Batalionul 335 Artilerie Mixta Batalionul 635 Aparare AntiaerianaBatalionul 198 Logistic
282nd Mechanized Brigade "Unirea Principatelor"
Batalionul 284 Tancuri
280 mechanized battalion281 mechanized battalion300th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
Râmnicu Sarat "Sfântul Andrei"
285th Mixed Artillery Battalion 288th ADA battalion3rd Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
"Vlaicu Voda"
469th Logistics Battalion

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