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M28B Bryza

PZL M28B Bryza ['Breeze', or sea breeze], developed and manufactured at PZL Mielec, is a modification of the Soviet An-28 cargo transport aircraft. The M28B Bryza is a high-wing cantilever monoplane featuring a non-pressurized cabin, twin vertical tails, a non-retractable tricycle, fuselage-mounted landing gear with a steerable nose wheel. The type is a versatile, transport category airplane with a short takeoff and landing capability (STOL). The airplane is flown by a crew of two pilots (pilot-in-command and a co-pilot). For civil-aviation operations, the airplane has been type-certificated by Poland's General Inspectorate of Civil Aviation, while its military configurations have successfully undergone all State qualification testing required. A variety of equipment can be installed onboard the airplane translates to its versatility. It can be operated in the following mission configurations:

  • Passenger Transport - featuring fixed seats and a lavatory
  • Cargo Transport - equipped with cargo hoisting and restraint systems
  • Medevac/Ambulance - fitted with stretchers, airborne medical equipment and medical attendants' seats
  • Paradrop - with equipment providing for parachuting operations
  • Patrol/Reconnaissance - for search & rescue and oversea patrol missions.

The avionics equipment from Bendix/King provides for operation conditions under VFR / IFR, day and night, all-weather conditions flying. Fuel tanks, together with two fuel supply pumps in each engine and fuel gauge transmitters, are located inside both outboard wings and the centerwing. The outboard-wing and centerwing tanks can be refuelled either through fillers or pressure-filled (single point or central refuelling). The pressure refuelling system is provided with a double protection system against overfilling, with an option for manual control of the tank filling.

Overall Length 13,10 m (43 ft)
Overall Length (Martime Patrol version) 13,72 (45 ft)
Wing Span 22,06 (72,4 ft)
Height 4,90 m (16 ft)
Passenger Seating Capability 18 + 1
Passenger Seat Spacing (Pitch) 0,72 m (2,36 ft)
Aisle Width 0,354 m (1,16 ft)
Length 5,26 m (17,2 ft)
Width 1,74 m(5.7 ft)
Height 1,72 m (5,7 ft)
Empty Weight, Standard Equipment Configuration40905043 kg
Maximum Takeoff & Landing Weight 7500 kg
Maximum Weight, Zero Fuel 6600 kg
Maximum Payload 2300 kg
Maximum Load in Underfuselage Pod 300 kg
Minimum Weight for Flight (depending on version)47225510 kg
Maximum Fuel Weight/Volume in Wing Tanks 1766 kg/2280 l/600 gal. USA
fuel system Total capacity 1960 liters (516 US gal.).
Fuel tanks in outboard wings - 1340 l. (353 US gal.)
Fuel tanks in centerwing - 620 l. (163 US gal.)
  • two TWD-10B turboprop engines and three-blade AW24AN propellers or
  • two PZL-10S engines combined with five-blade Hartzell propellers.
  • Both engines, TWD-10B and PZL-10S, represent similar characteristics
  • Type turboprop with a free turbine and extended propeller reduction gear
    Takeoff Power at Prop Shaft 960 SHP (705 kW)
    Nominal (Rated) Power at Prop Shaft 780 SHP (574 kW)
    Operating Conditions Ambient Temperature Range: -50C 40C
    Propeller Tractor-type, with automatic and positive variable pitch, feathering and thrust reversible
    Diameter 2.8 m
    performance with a maximum starting weight (IAS)
    Max. Operating Speed, VMO 355 km/h (192 KTS)
    Manuvering Speed, VA 244 km/h (132 KTS)
    Minimum Control Speed, VMCA 165 km/h (89 KTS)
    Stalling Speed (< TOW), VS123 km/h (66 KTS)
    Rate-of-Climb (MTOW) 11 m/s (2360 ft/min)
    Minimum Takeoff Distance 325 m (1065 ft)
    Landing Distance 490 m (1608 ft)
    Max. Range (fuel in the tanks winged) at the height of 3000 m (10000 ft) with fuel for 45 minutes 1400 1500 km (760 810 NM)

    M28B Bryza M28B Bryza

    M28B Bryza

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