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Archer - FH77BW L52

The Archer is the world's most modern artillery system. Archer is a developed variant of the Haussmann 77B artillery system, where the artillery has been mounted on a heavy terrain carriage. The Archer Artillery System or Archer - FH77BW L52 was an international project aimed at developing a next-generation self-propelled artillery system for Sweden and Norway [which later dropped out].

Archer is a self-propelled field howitzer that can operate autonomously in tandem with todays command and control systems. The 155 mm, 52 calibre, long-range weapon features an outstanding tracking capability and an intensive rate of fire, engaging ground and sea targets, both stationary and moving, with high precision.

A new generation of artillery systems is emerging in the 21st century to counter threats and carry out missions via specific deployment strategies, as well as modern artillery systems whose mobility, firepower, automation, and protected capacities far exceed those of the predecessors. Thus, the salient characteristics of todays artillery are its modularity, versatility, and interoperability.

While air power, precision-guided bombs and missiles often receive all the glamour on the modern battlefield, cannon artillery still plays a critical role in todays fight by serving as the only 24-hour, all-weather reinforcement for the infantry soldier - a fact proven in recent conflicts. Combat experience and extensive analyses have shown that the greatest threat to ground force survivability is indirect fire artillery. After-action studies from Operation Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan, and Desert Storm exposed that the units have a critical need for an advanced cannon artillery solution.

The field artillery "Archer howitzer gun system provides unprecedented responsiveness and lethality to support the Unit of Action (UA) commander. The cannon provides extended-range targeting, and precision attack of point and area targets in support of the UA with a suite of munitions that include special purpose capabilities. "Archer provides sustained fires for close support and destructive fires for tactical standoff engagement.

Field Howitzer 77B, previously developed by BAE Systems Bofors AB, is the hub of the project. BAE experience of producing howitzer was one of the reasons that they appeared to be best suited to develop Archer. Initial studies on the truck chassis began in 1995 and Archer project began in earnest in 2006. The cooperation with Norway began in 2008. In March 2010, the FMV, with FLO, to commence series production and final delivery of Archer.

BAE Systems was selected to provide defense authorities in Sweden and Norway with automated artillery gun technologies. British defense company BAE announced 05 April 2010 it had received contracts to provide the armed forces of both Sweden and Norway with its Archer 155mm self-propelled artillery guns.

The Norwegian and the Swedish Armed Forces agreed on the joint development and purchased 24 systems each of the "Archer" 155 millimetre artillery system. Swedens and Norways purchase is based on strict quality and low cost cycle criteria. Qatar, the Czech Republic, Belgium and India expressed an interest in "Archer" and requested more information from BAE Systems Bofors a part of Global Combat Systems Weapons.

Only 24 of these are operated by Swedish army. Norway doesn't use them. At the end of 2013 Norway withdrew from the cooperation. Norway withdrawal from the Archer 155mm joint artillery project with Sweden was prompted by delivery delays and by unspecified performance shortcomings, according to Norwegian defense officials. 24 were to have been delivered by the end of 2013, and in operation by the end of 2014, but none had been delivered!

In June 2014 FMV signed an amendment agreement with BAE Systems Bofors for deliveries to the Swedish Armed Forces. In 2013, FMV has delivered the first frseriepjserna for validation and verification. Serial deliveries from BAE to FMV started in September 2015. First delivery to the Armed Forces was in February 2016. Thereafter, continuous deliveries by about 2 pieces per month. The upgrade of the 4 pieces frseriepjserna and transfer of these to the Armed Forces is scheduled for the first part of 2017.

Monday 01 February 2016 was a long-awaited day for the A 9 Artillery Regiment in Boden. Namely the first day of the month involved a handover ceremony where the Archer artillery system was the center of attention. This was a long-awaited day for both the unit and its personnel. The Archer artillery system was handed over by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration to the Armed Forces and the Artillery Regiment. Deliveries were made throughout 2016. When the Artillery Regiment has received the entire series of pieces, there will be a total of 24 at the unit.

Archer was delivered to the Armed Forces and for use by artillery regiment A9 in Boden. Each Archer-piece is staffed by 3-4 operators, which again is a clear improvement from its predecessor which was manned by 10-12 operators. Archer is configured for NATO standard, which means that the Swedish defense will be more interoperable with other countries' armed forces and materiel. This is a great advantage as today's military operations place high demands on teamwork between states.

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