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Archer - FH77BW L52 SPG - Specifications

Transportable by rail in accordance with the European profile
Transportable by air with, among others, A 400 M and C17
Armouring equivalent to a tracked armoured vehicle
Integrated command, fire control and communication system with internal fire control.


tube 155 mm / L52
Calibre 155 mm
Barrel length 52 calibre
Elevation -1 to +70
Traverse -85 to +85
Projectile magazine 21 rounds
Charge magazine 18 charges
Fire speed 8-9 shots / minute
Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact, MRSI, up to 6 rounds
Rate of fire (burst ) 3 rounds/15-20 sec
Intensive fire 20 rounds (a full magazine) in 2.5 minutes.
Rate of fire (intensive) 21 rounds/3.5 min
Rate of fire (continuous) 54 rounds/35 min
Continuous fire 75 rounds an hour
Maximum Shot 30 - 50 km
Range HEER 40 Up to 40 km
Range BONUS Up to 35 km
Range EXCALIBUR Up to 50 km
Direct-sighting for ranges up to 2,000 metres
Secondary weaponry Grenade launcher or machine gun


Vehicle Volvo A30E, terrain wagon with splash protection, fine-grained fire, mining, NBC, fire protection and noise protection. Also equipped with ballistic protection and mining.
Drive 6x6
Total length 14.3 meters
Width 3.0 m
Height 3.4 m
Height With RCWS 4.0 m
Height Max. elevation 10.4 m
Weight 33-35 tonnes (approx.)
Engine output 252 kW
Engine power 340hp
Max Speed 65 km / h
Road speed 70 km/h
Vehicle Action radius 500 km
Cruising range 500 km
Fuel tank 400 litres
Max. longitudinal slope 30
Max. lateral slope traverse 28
Fording 1 m
Ground clearance 0.4 m
Mobility in snow up to 100 cm


Into action approx. 20 secs
Out of action approx. 20 secs
MRSI Up to 6 rounds
Direct fire Day and night capability
Secondary armament Grenade launcher or heavy machine gun (optional)
Crew3 (4) Vagnschef, driver and one to two operators
Ballistic protection
  • Fragment
  • Bullet
  • AT mine
  • CBRN protection Overpressure principle
    Climate control system For harsh winter and summer conditions

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