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Archer - FH77BW L52 - Ammunition

The projectile magazines handle all types of 155 mm artillery ammo, including advanced sensor-fused and precision-guided munitions. Depending on customer requirements, the charge magazine can be adapted for either conventional bags or modular systems.

GCSW and NAMMO AS cooperated for the next generation of conventional artillery ammunition (High Explosive-, Illuminating-, Smoke shells and Insensitive Munitions-propellant charges). It comprises a high tensile steel body with explosive, designed to minimize the risk of accidents, eg: inadvertent detonation by dropping, heat, friction or impact. The shell body has been optimised for high fragmentation and blast effect. The 155 HE IM ER has an optimised base bleed unit which enables the shell to achieve a range over 30 km when fired from 39 calibre ordnance. The two variants of this 155mm ammunition are 155 HE IM and 155 HE IM ER.

The GCSW HEER (High Explosive Extended Range shell) improved shell is specially designed for ranges of more than 40 km with very low dispersion. Its long-range capability has been obtained by optimising the external ballistics via streamlining the body and equipping it with a base bleed unit to further reduce drag. The 155 mm HEER improved shell is fully compatible with all 39, 45 and 52 calibre artillery guns. HEER 155 also meets the exceptionally high international requirements of safety. It is a GCSW/NAMMO co-operation product.

"Bonus is a 155 mm sensor-fused artillery shell - when launched, it is a fire-and-forget shell that combats any armoured vehicle from MBTs to AFVs and including self-propelled artillery. It is designed in accordance with Joint Ballistic MOU and is compatible with most existing artillery guns. At the gun site it is handled just like any standard artillery shell.

The shell body, which carries two sensor-fused sub-munitions, is provided with a base bleed, giving ranges of up to 35 km. Both of the sensor-fused sub-munitions can defeat a target. Once "Bonus is launched, the warhead searches a 200 m diameter area. Immediately when a target is detected within the footprint, it is destroyed by an EFP (Explosively Formed Penetrator) punching through its roof and devastating its interior.

"Bonus detects and identifies targets by processing images received from IR sensors ranging over several frequencies and then combining the results with data received from a laser radar (LADAR). By measuring the target profile and then comparing it with the results received from the IR sensors, combat-worthy targets can be separated from false ones. This combination of sensors also means that "Bonus is effective against targets provided with both passive and reactive protection systems.

Archers' good shooting performance, combined with short reorganization times, allows for combat techniques that greatly increase the survival rate of the system, while the action in the goal is delivered quickly after the order of fire has been received. For close-up protection, Archer has an external remote-controlled sensor and weapon platform, and there are storage boxes for, for example, radios, computer equipment, extra ammunition and staff packing on the rear of the caravan.

From being on the run it takes less than 30 seconds to receive a call for fire, stop, get into action and fire the first round. When the mission is accomplished it takes less than 30 seconds to get out of action and being on the move again.

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