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Combat Air Command No 2 (Comando Aereo De Combate No 2)

CACOM-2 is located at the "Luis Fernando Gomez Nino" air base in Apiay, Colombia (approximately 15 km from Villavicencio, Colombia). There are three squadrons (311, 312, 313)- 2 combat and 1 helicopter -under Air Group 31.

Squadron 311 was activated with the arrival of a dozen Rockwell OV-10A's from the United States in 1991. The OV-10A's were specifically designed for combat in jungle terrain (as a result of the American experience in Vietnam). In Colombia, the OV-10A's have also been used for anti-coca aerial spraying. It has been reported that the US Department of State owns at least 5 OV-10D's that form the contingent of planes, pilots, and mechanics of DynCorp.

In 1992 the FAC received a total of 14 EMB-312 Tucano's that replaced a training squadron of Lockheed T-33's. In Colombia, the Tucano is utilized by Squadron 312 as a first-line aircraft, responsible for conducting patrolling and attack missions.

Squadron 313 is comprised of various helicopters, including Hughes 500 and UH-1H. On occasion CACOM-2 recieves some A-37B Dragonfly's and Schweizer SA2-37B's for counterinsurgency and anti-narcotic operations.

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