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ZSL-09 105mm Assault Gun

China is now manufacturing two families of 8x8 wheeled medium-weight armored vehicles, the China North Industries (Norinco) ZSL09 (ZBD-09 or VN-1 export designator), being rapidly acquired by the People's Liberation Army (PLA), and the Poly Industries Type-07, which as of 2012 was only offered for export.

The ZBL-09 Snow Leopard armored personnel carrier development commenced in the 1990s. This vehicle was heavily influenced by both Western and Russian armored personnel carriers. This APC was first seen in 2006 undergoing road tests, and was first publicly revealed in 2009. It is a successor to the multitude of ageing Chinese armored vehicles. It might also replace the Type 92 APC and Type 92 IFV. The ZBL-09 is also proposed for the export customers as the VN-1. It has been exported to Venezuela and possibly some other countries.

The 20-ton ZSL09 family offers greater firepower and, since its emergence in 2007, has been developed into about the same group of 10 variants as the General Dynamics Land Systems Stryker, its US counterpart.

The Chinese army is gradually installed Type 09 8X8 wheeled armored vehicles "assault gun" type, and will eventually replace the Type 92 infantry fighting vehicles converted PTL02 100 mm wheeled assault gun.

Around 2005, the Chinese Army began installing a 100-mm anti-tank gun on a 6x6 wheeled armored vehicle. This kind of wheeled assault gun is called PTL02, weighing 19 tons, is installed on the WMZ551 (ZSL92) infantry fighting vehicle to accommodate a larger turret to accommodate 100mm anti-tank gun. The PTL02 has been largely used to support infantry operations, thanks to a more powerful 105mm wheeled assault gun that was equipped with the Chinese Army three years ago.

The grassroots commander is pleased to have this kind of equipment because it is a powerful support weapon to remove bunkers, machine guns and other obstacles. Before the 105mm wheeled assault gun equipped with the Chinese Army, PTL02 has been entrusted with this task. It is clear to the Chinese Army leaders that these self-propelled artilliles will eventually be more useful than main battle tanks in support of infantry operations.

This new "assault gun" is modified on the basis of the Type 09 8X8 wheeled armored vehicle and will eventually replace the PTL02 assault gun. The new "assault gun" has a turret installed 105 mm artillery, can provide direct fire support for infantry. Another artillery type, in a larger turret installed 122 mm howitzer. Several other models are clearly being developed. The Chinese Army has been very satisfied with these wheeled armored vehicles and has invested a lot in the development of new models.

Type 09 basic wheeled armored vehicles weighing 21 tons, 8 meters (25 feet) long, 3 meters (9.2 feet) wide, 2.1 meters (6.5 feet) high, there are three car crew, can carry seven infantry. This is an amphibious armored vehicle, the maximum water speed of 8 km / h, the road top speed of 100 km, car fuel can support up to 800 km road. Infantry warplugs installed a 30 mm cannon turret, artillery type is installed a 105 mm assault gun or 122 mm howitzer.

Type 09 armored vehicles began to enter the Chinese army service in 2009. These Chinese combat troops are a bit like the American Stryker Brigade. China has developed more than a decade of wheeled armored vehicles. Until recently, these armored vehicles were based on Russian design. However, Type 09 armored vehicles learn from the West more experience. Nevertheless, the recent development of Russian armored vehicles on the 09-style development is still instructive.

The Chinese have been observing the success stories of the United States in Sri Lanka using Sri Lanker and other light wheeled armored vehicles. Chinese designers finally concluded that the Western interior of the armored vehicles is very useful. Type 09 armored vehicles and all the electronic equipment installed, is an example of China's learning from the West. It has been pointed out that Western-style wheeled armored vehicles are easier to install large caliber (100 mm and above) artillery. The extra space makes many things possible, and China is constantly experimenting.

ZBD09  - 105mm Assault Gun ZBD09  - 105mm Assault Gun ZBD09  - 105mm Assault Gun ZBD09  - 105mm Assault Gun ZBD09  - 105mm Assault Gun ZBD09  - 105mm Assault Gun ZBD09  - 105mm Assault Gun ZBD09  - 105mm Assault Gun

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